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On this site's Providence Bruins page, you can find a Providence Reds throwback. Its similarity to one of my favorite jerseys of all time, the old Blackhawks barberpoles, inspired this set. I figured I'd make things a bit noticeably different, though, most notably in that instead of black, the darker color is a very dark maroon. The away, you would've taken a similar route to what I did here too, seeing as either shade of red would've likely been too close to the homes to keep the barberpoles on the whites.


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As one of the 3, maybe 4 Rhody wodies on the board, I feel obligated to comment. As always I love your unique take on these classic uniforms. The use of a dark maroon instead of black is also a nice subtle change. However, I'm not totally sold on the alts. Maybe try using the old "R" red head logo from their later years?


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