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set of MLS tweaks


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Thanks for sharing the link!

I've enjoyed reading/seeing about them, looking forward to part 2.

As for the redesign part 1 below are my thoughts.

MLS Cup and Supporters Shield Stars

While I think it's a cool idea to give/show credit to the MLS Supporters Shield wins, the logos would be soon disappearing beneath or within all the stars. And they would do so even quicker than it will happen eventually if they keep the current system.

A solution could be to have the number of won MLS Cups and MLS Supporters Shields included in the trophies/stars themselves, with the 2 trophies/stars maybe differing in color or design, one representing the MLS Cups and the other one the MLS Supporters Shields.

I think the UEFA Champions League features numbers in the trophy/star on their sleeve badge and in one of the MLS 2011 Authentic Jerseys (Kansas home?) there is a visible trophy inside the MLS Cup star. So all that would needed to be done is adding a number in the trophy which is inside the star.

Updated Logos

Chivas: Adding some LA crest items, makes it better, but a complete rebrand (and maybe a relocation) would still be better.

Columbus: improvement over the current logo, but I still don't get the Crew name or identity.

Uniforms I like

Chicago: home (The away and 3rd would be in the nice category too if the shorts would match the jersey/socks colors.)

Chivas: home

Colorado: home

Columbus: all 3

Dallas: all 3 (The 3rd reminds me of some gas station logo during my childhood)

Houston: home and 3rd

Kansas: all 3 (The 3rd is a nice retro)

Los Angeles: home and away (Sash + sponsor is always difficult to combine well, maybe a gold sash instead of the blue would be better.)

Washington DC: all 3 (Sash and sponsor go along quite well. The sash as iconic as the 3 stripes across the chest)

Uniform I don't like

Chivas: 3rd (Blue/Gold/White are already LA Galaxy's colors. Wouldn't want their rivals having the same ones.)

Colorado: away (The 50/50 split and the gray don't work for me.)

Houston: away (The orange and black don't mix well here, simply white/black or white/orange would be better suited.)

Los Angeles: 3rd (I love orange and despite being a nod to the Aztecs it just doesn't feel LA Galaxy-esque to me.)

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I like most of them. But, Montreal and the Cosmos look horrible. And to be honest, who's to say the Bulls are going to become the Clippers of MLS if the Cosmos return? The Bulls have a team that can compete and the money to do so. I see the Cosmos, if they return, to be the Mets of MLS. They'll be significant, but not the #1 club.

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