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True colours


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I don't think I can find too many people following European volleyball here but since it's currently sport no 2 in Poland, this story made the news in my home country. A team called Jastrzębski Węgiel (literally Coal of Jastrzębie, that's thelr main sponsor name) went for a re-design. They dropped their green-yellow-black for orange uniforms (their sponsor colour). The fan club, however, kept using shirts and flags in the traditional colours (which are the colours of "mining" teams) all season long. So the team played in orange and the fans were still in old colours. The team performed really bad in the domestic league this year so nobody would bother. However, they qualified for the Final Four of Champions League. And here the best starts. The sponsor offered to subsidize the trip to Italy as long as the fans will show up in orange. And the fan club replied "No, thank you. We rather stay in Poland and watch the game in our pub. Because the world of fans is different from the world of clubs and sponsors."

What do you think about it? Do you know similar boycotts?

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