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Baseball hat template, circa 1962


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In March (via uniwatch) I saw this 1962 Cubs program posted on The Fleer Sticker Project blog.


At the time, I thought this simple concept looked great, but had too many things going on to do anything with it. Then recently, I noticed that knnhrvy16 has made a very cool signature image using this template, and I was inspired enough to sit down and make a template. The PSD file allows you to completely control the colors of the crown, bill, and button via different layers. You can also change the skin color and tone to match your needs. Here are a couple of quick examples:



If anyone is interested, here is a link to a ZIP file of the PSD template. Your feedback and ideas are welcome and appreciated.

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I know this is some kind of crazy coincidence (because you like using my templates anyway) But the sig you saw was actually a product of me coming across the exact same program back in February and doing a few sigs for people.

Link to the thread

What is even funnier is that I was contemplating bringing it back because I didn't really get an opportunity to do some that were requested. You know what they say about great minds ;)

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