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FC Lewis and Clark 1804


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Hey guys.

At one point on BigSoccer, there was some speculation about the New England Revolution being sold and relocated, and St. Louis was named as a distinct possibility as far as locations went.

That got me to thinking. What would a team in St. Louis be called? Would they go with a stupid name like "St. Louis XTREEM", a somewhat relevant name like "St. Louis Clydesdales", or could they possibly be a little more adventurous. Next, I thought about St. Louis' history, and what immediately came to mind was the Lewis and Clark Expedition. That's it! A St. Louis team could be tied into that somehow. Brazil has CR Vasco da Gama, so why couldn't St. Louis have Lewis and Clark?

I finally got around to expanding on this idea, and decided to go with the name FC Lewis and Clark 1804. 1804 being the year that the Expedition departed St. Louis. Sitting bored in my summer class today, I sketched out a crest along with colors for kits and other ideas.

I chose dark green, blue and gold. Dark green represents the forests of the frontier, the blue represents the Missouri River, and I just thought gold would make a nice accent to both colors (although the gold dollar coins depicting Sacajawea did briefly pop into my head when I thought of a tie-in for gold).

The crest is in the traditional shield shape, featuring the club's name, compass points (obviously to play up the whole "explorers" thing, and "St. Louis MO" at the bottom.


Not wanting to stop there, I went ahead and designed a home kit. It is based on a modified Adidas Philadelphia Union template. I thought that although Budweiser/Anhauser-Busch/InBev would be the obvious choice of sponsor for a St. Louis-based team, the colors would not fit together nicely. I did some research and found that Enterprise rent-a-car is also based near St. Louis, and the company's green color scheme seemed a natural fit.


I definitely won't claim these to be perfect, but I think that out of anything I've done before, I've put the most preparation and thought into this. Naturally, all C&C is welcome.

If you like what you see, I'm still sitting on ideas for an away kit, a clash kit, and a keeper kit.

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Duly noted. I was going to keep the crest with just the compass, and then add the arch and some other things like that to the keeper and clash kits, do you think that would have the same effect visually?

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Are you using inkscape? because I can help with the text outline. You have a non outlined one, duplicate it, then add an outline and lower it under the non outlined one.

Theres just too much negative space. It's just a simple shield with a tiny compass.

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Okay, the crest needs an overhaul, got that.

How about the kit?

I see what you were going for. I would extend the blue all the way up, and have a break where the name and number are. Like this. On the pants, there is blue in between the stripes. Be consistent, and do them on the sleeves and pants, or neither.

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