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Yankees Update?


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Ok this is my first ever post so bare with me..

I am a yankees fan and i know the history and everything and know how legendary their primary logo is, but their Typeface is different from the lettering in their logo.. i just want to know how it looks and do you think the Yankees should go with the lettering from their typeface in their primary logo



My Updated Version


i know this is a minor tweak (but for yankees its major) but is it an upgrade or downgrade?

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Simple, but I like it. Not bad for a first concept-- but one thing you MUST learn to do: insert images into your post. It's too easy not to do.

the thing is idk how to do it.. ive been trying to

fixed it ^

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I'd just say clean up the stitching on the ball and you've got yourself a fine update. The modern script fits perfectly in the logo without having to modify anything drastically. Maybe make it look something like the stitching on the Brewers primary logo. I think that on top of the tweaks you've already done would bring this classic logo into the 21st century without making a big overhaul.

And this is all coming from a Red Sox fan :P

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I don't see why it needed an update. Though I do wish the Yankees used this logo as a shoulder patch.

the main reason why i think it needed it was because the "K" looks more like a R instead.. and like i said before, the typeface in the logo doesnt match the yankees wordmark

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