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Another fake eBay


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Nothing too obvious here, I just thought it was hilarious that he was bold enough to put right underneath the headline that it's not a fake.

Had this dumb ass actually done his research, he'd know that the Brewers didn't wear names on their jerseys until 1988. Also, they replaced the arched Brewers letterhead in the late 70's with the Milwaukee script.

Why the hell would M&N make a Brewers jersey from 1983 anyway?

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Just from the looks of it,it appears to be one of those Majestic Cooperstown Classics jerseys that were $149.99 last summer with the name and number sewn-on at least by someone who was familiar with the Brewer's lettering and number style.My guess is also that the 'BREWERS' wordmark is the felt 'flock' style lettering rather than the tackle-twill of authentic jerseys.I would also guess since

flock numbers and letters are a little more difficult to come by the name and numbers are tackle-twill,which in pics looks okay but in person looks pretty cheenchy.Just my $.02.

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I think we should probably make a board just for posting eBay fakes and frauds. It seems like a new one pops up everyday.

Just guy just seems to be digging his own grave. E-mail him on it.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

Just did... I let him know that I knew it was fake and I wasn't gonna let him know how I knew. Can't wait to hear his response.

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