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Mystery Player 5/17/04


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I began my career in the NBA with the CLippers as the top overall pick in 1988 after an unbelivable NCAA Tournament with Kansas. In my first year I suffered a knee injury taht would hamper my whole career. Despite the injury I would rebound and would be a part of 2 Clipper playoff teams amazing but true CLippers made teh playoffs then I was traded to teh Hawks at the end of teh 1993/94 season. Following the season I signed a big money contract with the SUns, but my first year in Phoenix ended with another knee injury. Following the 1999 season I joined the Bucks and began to bounce around the league after 1 year in Milwaukee I joined the Jazz in 00/01, then I joined the Mavs in 01/02 and final the Pistons in 02/03 where I finished my career.

Who Am I?

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