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Two New PSD Templates - Football and Hockey


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Ok, so for the past couple of days and weeks I've been working on a pair of new PSD templates that I now feel comfortable sharing with others (read: C&C).

First up is a new flat Reebok Edge hockey template complete with pants, socks and a helmet:

(click to download from deviantART)


Next up is a new '3D' Nike Pro Combat football template complete with a front and back image of a player:

(click to download from deviantART)


Please enjoy and feel free to leave C&C.

(to download more of my original templates, visit here)

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I think the one thing you're missing on your 3D template is a highlight layer. It basically looks like you have your color layers set to multiply, which preserves the shadows, but doesn't hold on to the specular-type highlights.

I still don't have a website, but I have a dribbble now! http://dribbble.com/andyharry

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