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Oulon Karpat concept


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things i like about it:

yellow as a primary color, especially when paired with silver.

the attempt at salvaging the atlanta template, which i think had potential if used correctly.

things i don't like about it:

2 different shades of silver/grey? be consistent.

the silver fill in the reebok logo. would look better if it blended it more with the sweater.

the SM liiga logo on one shoulder.

things i also don't like, but i think you didn't mean to do them:

the sleeve numbers, when displayed only on the top and not the bottom, means that the sleeve numbers would be off center and ugly. put one digit on the front and one digit on the back to have them centered on the sleeve.

the silver shoulder inserts, i'm assuming, should be silver entirely... and not yellow on the back of the jersey.

the yellow in the crest doesn't match the yellow on the sweaters... and i'm not a big fan of the differing shade of yellow on the side panels, but i'm assuming that was just to show a difference in fabric. either way, i think it would look better as all one solid yellow.

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