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  1. Awful logo. They would have been better recycling an old Hawks logo
  2. Nice use of the owl at center court. Not much to complain about. The conference patch might be reversed but I may be wrong.
  3. Technically, that's correct. Names are on jerseys to identify specific players. That's why they're becoming more personalized
  4. Just that. It improved the look by getting rid of that unrelated font.
  5. It's a good start. Maybe find their font. There's a free one floating all over.
  6. They'd doom themselves if they tried this, I think. They're going to try to complement at worst. For all the "hate" the NFL gets, no one is taking that spot in the next 10-15 years.
  7. It depends on when you come in. Basic trainees get all the latest stuff and don't pay a thing. Enlisted Soldiers get a clothing allowance specifically to get new uniform items and pay for tailoring. It's not going to pay for every item that is supposed to be in their closet, but it offsets most of it I think. As an officer, I had to pay for all my stuff unless I was deployed. The new dress stuff, that's all on the officers for that.
  8. Maybe, but the SMA before him should have just made this happen when they phased out the greens. EVERYBODY in my units wanted these.
  9. I like #1 and #4. The logo needs to change to a different color on the blue hat but the white hat shows that good contrast. The wove KSU is a nice touch.
  10. Don't hold your breath. Something like Spokane or Indianapolis might happen but we're likely not seeing the Indians change their name. What makes it worse is the C is so lifeless.
  11. But they have. I don't like their chrome because it hides the logo.
  12. Nice! I like the solid bolt the best but these are pretty good.
  13. This is akin to Norfolk State that does this two heads as well. It's ok. Much better than the old logos.
  14. I thought they were well thought out.
  15. It's ok to not like him. The significant event was his first Masters win in 14 years.
  16. Yeah. I t was landlocked by its location and the derby downs. The field was always terrible as well. Glad to see it go as a Kent State fan, but I hate seeing stadiums just falling apart.
  17. Definitely subjective, because Philly's uniforms are generally atrocious! Especially their white.
  18. So! The stripe? on Columbus' helmet is the Ohio flag! So underwhelming. It looks like some internal team materials also use a light blue (PowerPoint, signage).
  19. Ultimately I think it's the fan base in Cleveland that invalidates that statement, for Cleveland! In general I think your point is true.
  20. Probably liked them and wanted to get some use out of them
  21. Maybe, but you definitely have a conversation.
  22. With the draft in Vegas, that might have had an impact as well. The first few years should have been at the top seeds anyway, in my opinion. Long term, if they become the official feeder league, I could see this as a Sunday game to close out the draft festivities.
  23. Absolutely a downgrade. This is so lifeless compared to the other one.