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  1. The Roughnecks logo is, in my opinion and others, just an updated Oilers logo. That’s where the NFL will probably start their objections.
  2. I have heard it for a long time. Either way. 2 deep is more of a team use thing.
  3. If they start too late that might be moot.
  4. I like the secondary better because it clearly shows what it is. The primary logo is difficult to tell from a distance and the H is too hidden in my opinion. It would have been unique though
  5. Its not cheap. Its offensive and/or complicated for a specific group of people. Once Washington Football dropped the name, we knew this was coming.
  6. Thwy have 2 World Series titles. 1922 and 1948.
  7. I agree. I would use the cursive Cleveland script just because it isn't so bland. Maybe even use throwback Cleveland scripts to mix it up.
  8. If there was an approved design in house now, yeah it would be easy. Then you go start cutting material and sewing and maybe if you work around the clock the # of uniforms could be presented and actual players in the uniform could be shown. Without an approved logo set, it’s easier to just roll with what you have and the ownership and MLB would need to make a dedicated schedule for the replacement name and logos. When you think about it, maybe that 2 year process isn’t so extended.
  9. I agree. Of course the champion’s fans would buy up new merchandise and possibly New Jersey’s as well with this change.
  10. All of them. They order extras for tears and loss. Nit a ton but a few of each.
  11. A good equipment room would have had the correct pants laid out. It could have happened though.
  12. The equipment room messed up. FBS programs get those set up ahead of time, so either his pants were damaged and they grabbed it without verifying they matched, or they had to replace them last minute because he replaced someone, and they didn’t have his game pants ready. Either way it’s on the Equipment Room. That’s a common problem even before COVID issues with deliveries.
  13. It doesn't matter whom the manufacturer is, they're using this game to celebrate their histories and I personally love it. I was in the Army so i understand their uniforms better than Navy. Naval units are organized differently so sometimes maybe it is significant to them and non Sailors just miss it. Yhe marble seems like a miss but a Navy person will get it.
  14. Katie Knida kicked at Colorado, before the P5 designation was a thing. That’s the only issue I have with saying she’s the 1st. Additionally it’s like ( I know it’s a reach and not a reach) saying the G5 schools are inferiors. Kent State had a female kicker make a few field goals in 2015.
  15. Seeing that Indiana had a very green look to their uniforms, it should have been fine against Michigan. Unusual patterns aside.
  16. While Orange pants would have broken up the black CMS. White, Cleveland will still look good. Hopefully the nice weather will help me out this week in fantasy football
  17. I understand what you’re saying, but it’s not really true. They added that manufacturers patch, but that’s all on MLB. The Brewers definitely upgraded along with the Padres.
  18. I rhink thats too bland on its own. Its a nice addition to the wordmark. Its not strong enough on its own. Maybe if it was done like the Birmingham Bolts style. Maybe even as just a center stripe. Thats where the mascot ends up being better.
  19. Akron should use their custom font or Zippy logos.
  20. While I love the black squirrels, they wouldn’t be any better. You’d still have to shoehorn in speed. The squirrels are Canadians anyway. Lol
  21. What would you suggest? We’ve had a golden retriever, a caveman (the creator of B.C. Went to Kent), a golden palomino, Captain Flasher (a kid wearing a cape and Mercury helmet), and the Flasher (weirdo with a blue body suit and carried bolts. The students selected the golden eagle as our mascot in the 80’s and Flash is our beloved mascot in live and mascot forms.