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  1. I would wrap the U around the EC. That would help balance it over the bones!
  2. The Chrysler logos worked better, but I think the 5 stars making a pentagon would have been a better direction or a cleanup of the original logo. These new pentagon shapes are a little confusing.
  3. With the Rockies, you could have taken a little more from their TATC jerseys and go with the two button look. The mountains would move off center but nothing would’ve Been interrupted.
  4. UCLA may have just bought it from Under Armour. It might have been something that was negotiated when they were dumped too.
  5. I think they need to drop the football off of the helmet script, but yeah better than the rehashed old look.
  6. Someone at oeast started a WNBA concept thread in October. I think there was an AUDL concept with additional teams.
  7. The Linemen had a RB wearing 00.
  8. I like Seattle. It’s like an evolution or deconstructed Sonics look. The new word marks leave a little bit to be desired but not bad. The green and gold set is better than the home whites. That’s kind of normal though. The Sparks logo looks like they changed it after they ok’d the uniforms. They have a nice set. The alternate is just extra to me.
  9. I think alot of the Hawks fans loved it. Peach tree was a giveaway as well.
  10. The Aces look like they got a better developed Toronto chevron short. I like the patterned diamonds there. It may go all the way down, but it’s still better than the chevron shorts. The Toronto shorts aren’t bad, they just have a bad redundant design.
  11. The bottom gold streak could have been left off. I’m almost betting those will be their shell colors too.
  12. I don’t know if this is a leak or not. It was on fanatics https://imgur.com/gallery/weCJZwZ
  13. Just because it’s the NBA template. Hopefully they’ll updat It soon.
  14. Are you talking about the ball or women’s basketball in general?
  15. Looks like they stop the stripes at the back ridge and slappped the 75 logo on the right. Meh.
  16. I assume someone was just using a font that is not going on the jersey. I doubt they change.
  17. Seattle has a nice look. Atlanta’s is lacking, in my opinion.
  18. I think a couple of their last sets have been good. I think next season adidas will make some true reverse retros.
  19. Ts basically the same as Aunt Jemima. Just no caricature on it.
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