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  1. I wouldn’t say that. They just stripped away everything that was associated with the old name and logo because they aren’t ready to change their name.
  2. Wine and Gold are Cavs colors. I’m disappointed in the fonts and crests. The recent Cavs loGos and word marks were much better.
  3. With the amount of time it takes to properly paint, the league colors are fine.
  4. I doubt we'll see that happening in college
  5. I think a lot of uniforms may not have been as tailored as usual because of COVID. However the uniforms in New England don’t make sense for a pro organization. The equipment room easily could have separated the previous numbers out when they got in the new ones.
  6. I think it just is a change to the team badge colors that kind of looked like military award ribbons. I just wish they weren't so lazy and just made a real logo.
  7. That’s the difference between Power 5 and the G5. You’d think teams with simple custom serifs could get something close but nope. The only Kent State uniforms that use a school specific number font was a one off jersey for basketball
  8. What would probably help is showing how those pieces translate to the game.
  9. Suns should have used the rays with the ball empty
  10. The 1922(?) Cleveland Indians. It just said World Champions and they were worn all year
  11. I’m not feeling any of this. The ears are odd, the shading is unorthodox. The away set are just awful. If you’re wild dogs, a more script like font should be used for numbers. The Columbus font doesn’t match well with the wild dogs either.
  12. With the other issues the will have this season, it might have all been moot anyway. Especially if the CFL actually folded. I'm not sure how the indigenous population is different than it is in America.
  13. I’d almost guarantee that Notre Dame is profitable for them.
  14. Itll either go traditional home and away or a free for all. Evidently the players are going to be able to alter their names on their jerseys so who knows.
  15. I think this new look is pretty lifeless. The 49ers logos is unique enough, but the rest is blocky and plain. The C with the pickaxes are blah and the C looks closer to an O.
  16. It looks like they updated the Huskies face to very slightly resemble a leaf.
  17. That’s an old one. It was on the 60th Anniversary gear i think
  18. Gold: 9 Silver: 3 Bronze: 8
  19. This is a good start. The N looks off. I’d continue the flag wave from the E through the N.
  20. Goddell MAY have painted them into a corner on that one, but owners will also feel free to Vero something they're not passionate about. No one would lose sleep if they say no.