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  1. This just seems extra to me. He left Alabama because he got beat out, so let's bring it back up with this lid!
  2. They could always just switch in the white pants. Either set looks good. If St. Louis was bailed out last year, San Francisco should've been allowed to wear their alternates.
  3. So does this mean they're planning on one the per week not traveling to the different sites?
  4. Nice colors. I assume it's a coral colored military camo pattern. Maybe I'm just seeing things.
  5. Goodyear Cotton Bowl tire mascot s This guy does new ones every game. I think this is the first time I've seen it in color instead of the tire base.
  6. The end zones Have been like that the last few seasons. It is bush league in my opinion.
  7. Kent State in all gold. Logo on right now numbers left
  8. Unfortunately Kent State looks like they're wearing the bolt and number helmets. I'd have preferred the full size logos.
  9. I think it's dependent on the player and success and who is writing this story.
  10. yeah. The MAC Championship is generic fonts on a Honolulu blue turf.
  11. Yeah. The last two coaches have basically used every logo element to make different helmets in nearly every game. The lighting is actually part of our wordmark which is cool. The diminutive application is a little bit wimpy to me, like on the sleeves. I'm not a fan of the naked flash head bolt. Too much empty space. The blown up logos are terrific in my opinion.
  12. It's a Golden ! It would be interesting to see how (a real KSU mascot) CPT Flash could have evolved.
  13. For some yes. Kent has generally been ok. I don't like the flash fast sets but they haven't been terribly garish at home. The Alpha gray set being the exception
  14. Getting a huge FSU paycheck is understandable. Noone will make enough money in the XFL to turn down real interest and offers.
  15. The jersey is unique, but the numbers are way too thick. The shorts logo needs to drop down. They look like they tried too hard to be different. It’s 75% there.
  16. I'm getting an add that scrolls up from the bottom. Those insomnia adds pop up as well on my laptop.
  17. UA has been doing some different designs with their game jerseys. I don't remember if they did that last year as well. It's disingenuous in my opinion that IMG is being propped up as areal high school.
  18. I don't know why Peachtree is a no for me. Seems lazy.
  19. Kent State with wolf grey helmet logos and wolf gray https://imgur.com/gallery/5oLCi7i
  20. The football could use some refinement but not a bad start. I think using the darker gray could give it some highlights and depth.
  21. I see that as their yellow/gold. The gray is darker so they might not have to change that, but it might have been a one off so they didn’t care.
  22. They're actually worse than the grey uniforms. Same template but thus hold is too washed out.
  23. I mean the sublimation and awful fonts.