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there you jag offs,



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I am hereby convinced wholeheartedly that the North American media and the National Hockey League HATES SAN JOSE

I am so gaddamn sick and tired of all this:

whoa...look at how much heart the flames have!

those fans in calgary are so wild and crazy!

Jarome Iginla is a great player

just SHUT THE :censored: UP!!!

Come on ESPN, how many :censored:ing times do you need to show screen shots of those inbred sheep boning flames fans getting drunk, eating mako shark pizza, taking a sledge hammer to a junker car painted to represent a sharks player!

How much did you talk about San Jose? Hardly if any! The few times you show San Jose fans you just had to show a shot of some more redneck flames fans IN OUR CITY!!

This muther :censored:ing oppression against San Jose fans HAS TO END NOW!

now Creamer, I know you like to go and "tease" us San Jose Sharks fans about how we think the world is against us....but let me ask you this:

Can you blame us for feeling that way?? No!

and that anti-sharks attitude isnt limited to the media, oh no. Its going on RIGHT HERE IN THIS FORUM!

all you jagoffs who thought it was so :censored:ing hunky dory that the Ducks got to the finals last year turn right around and ROOT AGAINST THE SHARKS!


oh...just because I Canadian!

:censored: THAT! Under that scenario I should have been rooting full bore for the Ducks in the finals last year "just because Im Californian".....NO CHANCE IN HELL was I about to lower myself to that. Apparently you Canadians will though.

and you Americans jumping on the Flames bandwagon, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Going around with your oh so trendy Flames avatars and sig images..... For what reason??

oh Im just rooting for the underdog.....

you know what.... :censored: THE UNDERDOG! Its not about the underdog! Its about whose fans have paid thier dues and deserve to have a sucessful team.

NO the Flames are NOT one of those teams! I dont give a schitt about how long its been since they won. Thier fans havent gone through the constant blackballing that we Sharks fans have in our 13 years in the NHL

I know Im probably gonna get a warning or whatnot for posting this, but you know what, I really dont :censored:ing care. I feel I need to sound off on this garbage and that it needs to stop right here right now. I feel I am at least owed that.


I hope the Tampa Bay Lightning win thier series and wipe the rink with your asses!

and in conclusion, I hope Puckguy goes on to win the NHL 7th Man, just to show up all those other fans who turn thier nose up at the notion of the San Jose Sharks deserving respect

Erik I hope you kick ass, as I can truthfully say that I am the only sincere supporter you have in your quest to be named the NHL 7th Man. If all these other jagoffs here were so genuine in thier support, they wouldnt be jumping on that Flames Bandwagon!

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Alright Shark, stop drinking your pesticide and calm down.

Lately it appears most Shark fans are insane... to suggest that anyone is blackballing the sharks is idiotic, moronic, and just plain ignorant.

Your team lost -> Deal with it!!

You poor guys! You've been in the league for 12 years and no trips to the finals!

(need I remind you that my poor Leafs have made it to the Conference Finals FOUR times in that span, only to lose every single time to a team worse than ours... did I cry conspiracy? NO! did I cry conspiracy when kerry frasier blew that call in Ot in 1993 game 6? NO!... cause i could take it like a man... why can't you?)

The Flames fans, and players, DESERVED that win more than your players, and apparently fans did. I must say that it sucks that Puckguy's favourite team lost, but on the whole, those Flames fans went through a LOT more crap than you guys have.

I'll cheer for the Sharks again when their fans start acting like adults, and own up to it when their team is defeated, fair and square, by a superior team.

I don't know where you get off saying noone here supports Erik but you... that statement is even more ignorant and embarrasing, to yourself, than your childish rant that preceeded it.

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