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Premier League Logo Switcheroo


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I always make a point to tell my Liverpool friend that "I'd rather walk alone." I got bored and decided to take it a step further. After seeing the result I think I may make this into a series. Tottenham-Liverpool switch doesn't really make sense other than to tease my friend, so from here on out I'll be doing rivals, logos for now and possibly uni's later.

Aside from the obvious changes I traded the torches for the lions in Totenham's old logo, changed the est. date, and also used the THFC monogram.


If you'd like to request something outside the rivalry realm feel free. I may not get to it tonight, as I have a term paper due tomorrow (thus the procrastinating) but I will do my best.

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Great execution and all, as a Spurs fan living in Liverpool I can also say I'd Rather walk alone.

Having said that, I think there are certain things on a Club's crest (particularly this one) that you cannot touch. Namely the torches and what they represent. Also the Shankly Gates aren't really relevant to Spurs. Just my opinion I guess...

Like I said, the execution is great, if you didn't know any better you might think it was real.


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Here's ManU-Liverpool. For Liverpool I switched the footballs for the torches, ship for slogan, and added the gate on top. For ManU I switched the gate for the Munich Air Disaster Memorial, managing to keep the Liverpool flame in there. For both logos I tried to stylize the 'mascots' in a way similar to the rival.


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