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NBA shot clock tenths of a second.


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The tenths of a shot clock thing is part of some new rules that were added this year. It's not a manufacturer thing. From ESPN:

The eight-second backcourt violation will occur when the shot clock reaches 15 seconds, rather than 16.

The last rule is necessary because the 24-second shot clock will now be equipped to show 10ths for the final five seconds and work as a "true" clock. From a technical standpoint, the old shot clock began with 24.9 seconds and expired with .9 left. Now the clock will switch from 24 to 23 seconds after .1 second has expired.

Jackson said a survey of coaches determined when the shot clock would break into 10ths.

I'm guessing MSG just hasn't installed the new shot clock yet, but they should before their first game Christmas day.

Isn't there a rule about shots from a dead ball at the end of a period having to be with .3 or more on the clock? Wouldn't that apply to the shot clock as well?

The rule is if there's three-tenths of a second or less on the clock on an inbounds play, the only way to score is on a tip or a dunk, like this:


I would assume that would now be the policy with the new shot clock as well.


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