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Latest U. of S. Carolina football uni rumors


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Hi all. Yes, I'm passing along rumors, which I collected from the Gamecocks message board linked at cbs.sportsline.com. A couple of posters who claim to have spoken directly with Lou Holtz say that the new jerseys will be black, the helmets will be black, and the helmet logo will be the interlocking "USC" that has been featured on the jersey sleeves for the last several years.(I assume there will be some garnet trim somewhere.) Supposedly these changes were made at the players' request. One poster said he or she had seen a prototype of the new helmet in somebody's office. Other posters complained about the loss of the gamecock-in-block-C logo (good riddance to it, I say); others wanted the helmets to feature the "SC" logo from the baseball caps (an idea I like); one poster suggested the Claw logo (an idea I love).

All we know for sure is that changes will be made, as previously reported. I wonder why it's taking them so long to announce the new unis, seeing as how lots of other colleges have already displayed their 2004 uniforms.



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