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Toronto Raptors Logo Concept


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I love browsing this forum for everyone's concepts and reading all the great feedback people give so I figured it may be time to post one of mine!

Check it out, this is my idea for a new Toronto Raptors logo! Typography isn't my strong suit so I think I'll be going back to mess with the wordmark, but I really like how the logo itself came out. Besides not liking their logo overall, it irks me that their raptor doesn't have that one long claw it's known for. I mean come on, everyone who's seen Jurassic Park knows about the claw! So I wanted to make that a big part of their icon, I think it makes them a little more menacing.

BTW Is it just me, or does the NBA have a surplus of terrible logos??


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Solid concept, though I do get a bit of a Diamondbacks vibe from the tail and the wordmark. Also, I think you need to work on teh bottom "swoop" of the tail. It looks like the tail tapers, then levels out a bit, then tapers again.

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