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needed: logo designer w/ Inkscape/GIMP experience


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When I'm not lurking (and occasionally posting) on these boards, in my day job, I'm with Software Freedom Conservancy (http://www.sfconservancy.org), the non-profit organizational home of dozens of free and open source software projects, including the Inkscape Project. We're thinking about retaining a professional graphic artist to create a new logo package for our organization. Naturally, we want the project to be completed using *only free and open source software tools*, e.g., Inkscape, GIMP, etc. No Adobe Illustrator, please. :)

As background, here's the current logo:


It's not a bad logo, and we're certainly thankful to the artist who created it for us, but it doesn't reproduce or reduce very well (if you can't tell, the "leaves" of the tree are "1"s and "0"s of binary code). We're looking for a cleaner, simpler design.

So, if you're an Inkscape user with professional experience in logo/brand design and you're interested in working on the project, feel free to contact me at tony@[see web domain above]. If you have a link to your portfolio, all the better.

Now, Conservancy is a small non-profit. We'd certainly appreciate it if an artist were willing to donate his/her services pro bono. But, we also recognize that professionals usually require compensation, so we will also consider fee-based proposals as well.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.



Software Freedom Conservancy

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