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This was all created out of boredom and might turn into a sim league like I seen around here if there is enough interest in it. Right now, I just have the logo artwork done. I have yet to create a list of cities and team names. But it's a indoor soccer league, not sure how many teams it will contain. I've played indoor soccer most of my life and its one of my favorite sports. If I do create the league, I will be creating everything in Football Manager 2011 and running the games that way. I was inspired by a couple of soccer logos when I was creating these, I might change them around but so far these have the feel I am looking for... Anyways, on to the art after all that is why were are here... are we not?





c&c welcome :)

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Not a fan of the colors you chose here. Too drab, not enough contrast IMO. When I think of "XTREME!!!!" I think of maybe some bright vibrant colors. For example, if you want to keep green, I'd get rid of that boring olive-ish green and replace it with a lime green or even a neon green color combined with black.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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