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Seattle Seagulls (Hockey)


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Very early stages of this design. I wanted to keep the colors similar to the Seahawks. I already have an idea of what v2.0 will look like - i just don't want it to look TOO much like the seahawks. any C&C?


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Throw some detail into the feathers and thicken up those line (not just making them wider but stylize them a bit) The eye looks pretty good now, same with the beak, maybe pull that into the face a little more, it looks a little disjointed. It's a solid start though. Starting thinking of how this is going on the jersey as well. With the bottom of the actual logo it just cuts off. Maybe a wordmark, or a S logo in there as well? Just my opinion, man. But a solid start...

"Classic" does not mean it gets a free pass for being bad design.


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