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Sort of Personal Logo


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OK, so I was just playing around on Photoshop and came up with the idea for a logo incorporating elements from my screen name. Hopefully you can make out that its an M, a 2 and a 1 in marbles.


I thought maybe I could use it as a kind of signature attached to any concepts I did and is not strictly for use like a proper logo as it wont be used as a standalone item (if u catch my drift).

Bearing this in mind, I am after some C & C and any other ideas on what I have so far before I start trying to clean it up a bit. Thanks

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Ok, so I am happy with the direction this is going in... just not too pleased with the execution. Would appreciate any thoughts on this.


Different colours just show what could be used, the blue being my favourite.

edit: here is a slight variation as suggested clear with coloured numbers. Once again not pleased with execution.


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I'd say first priority make sure it is easily read as 21. Second make it look like it is in a marble.

You've got the marble part down though. I'd only suggest having part if it white. Too much grey dulls it down.

Keep going. You will have a winner on this one for sure.

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Ye, I havnt touched this in a while. I know I will get back to it one day though - hopefully soon.

Being an engineer by education rather than a graphic designer means I do struggle and it is very time consuming but I think I can get the desired result eventually.

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