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  1. As a fan of the team, I want Spiders. Instantly one of the coolest names in baseball and an opportunity for some really sweet merch that isn’t a Block C.
  2. Really excited to see how Nike/Jordan does with the Bruins. Let’s hope Cincinnati follows UCLA’s lead when it comes to ditching UA for Nike/Jordan. Cincinnati basketball is the OG Jordan basketball school, and I’d love to see what Nike could do with our football uniforms now that our contract with UA is done.
  3. That Rockets uniform is pretty awful all around. Should’ve leaned on light blue/red/white; not sure why they felt the need to shoehorn in navy and gray.
  4. Wow that is horrible. Can’t find a single redeeming quality about that look.
  5. The #7 Cincinnati Bearcats looks poised to break out red alternates in the coming weeks, perhaps this weekend against Memphis? Follows the department’s aesthetic of standard black and white sets with “Cincinnati” across the front and red alternates with “Bearcats.”
  6. I really like these. The helmets are beautiful and I am digging that stripe treatment for some reason.
  7. mattb6


    Absolutely does not read like that at all. Very obviously says Powerade. Not a great design, but not the worst that’s come out of their revolving door of designs in the last 15 years.
  8. I feel like if it was black I would like it more, but to me the Hawks need to be red/yellow and maybe black.
  9. Those yellow pants are beautiful and you can’t change my mind.
  10. FWIW, ESPN showed a dark royal Rams helmet with the traditional yellow horns for their second round pick.
  11. The first thing that came to mind with the grey/navy/gold discussion. An... interesting look. Could be worse?
  12. These look beautiful. The standard brown/white and white/brown with the sock stripes will look fantastic. I also really like the all white look with the brighter orange making it less dull than the pre-2014 set. Those all brown uniforms, though? Yikes. I also really love the new number font; it's a subtle change to the standard block but I think it looks great.
  13. Beautiful uniform. Hopefully the ensuing derailment of the thread until tomorrow at noon because of you pointing that out was worth showing that gorgeous set
  14. With the Falcons officially released, here's my two cents 1. Vikings 2. Bucs 2.0 3. Jets 4. Lions 5. Jaguars 2.0 6. Falcons 7. Seahawks 8. Dolphins 2.0 9. Dolphins 1.0 10. Buccaneers 11. Browns 12. Titans 13. Jaguars 1.0 I would group them as "Great," "Good/Average," and "Bad/Terrible"
  15. I'll be honest, when those photos leaked, I thought I would hate them. But I think these are a good update for the Falcons, barring a few changes that should have been made. Obviously the "ATL" on the front is too big, that should have been shrunk. I also think that if the side panel had just been limited to the pants and not the side of the jerseys, these would look absolutely great. As of right now, I give this a solid 7/10, with the old uniforms probably being a 6/10 to me. No offense to anyone, but these boards tend to get a hive mind with stuff like this. Once a few people pile on, everyone else follows in line. Well, I like these. As long as they don't go monochrome too often this will be a success.
  16. Yeah, these aren’t looking good. I really thought they would have a restrained look similar to the throwbacks/color rush set, but these look terrible. Yikes.
  17. I don’t hate the horn LA. I think the ram head is decent too. I’ve yet to see a tweak of either the LA mark or the ram head that looks better than what they’ve came out with, though. Sure, they could’ve gone in a different direction, but people’s tweaks are not better than what was released.
  18. I’m 95% positive they never did. I recall the old end zone being there this past season still.
  19. I don’t think Cleveland fans had any authority whatsoever when it came to this. The league could have said shove it, but realized the mistake that was made by moving the Browns. They decided to keep the Browns records in Cleveland, and this has always been reflected. Not really much of an argument. And saying that Cleveland doesn’t deserve a team should deal with it like the Oilers and Colts (among others) did? Well, they all got a new team within 20 years, so I think you’ve missed the point. The NFL realized their mistakes and that once you move a team their will be uproar.
  20. I think it looks great, although the MLS logo does look shoehorned in. I don’t anticipate legibility issues at all for the name, either.
  21. Don’t believe they’ve worn it at all this year. Just a helmet sticker.
  22. How exactly are you blaming this on Nike? They changed those uniforms 15 years ago.
  23. That script is still terrible but at least it doesn’t have gold shoehorned in. Decent look.
  24. You do know the Cavs used the numbers before the Grizzlies even existed, right?
  25. Fantastic update. Nike hit it out of the park with Arizona, San Diego and Milwaukee. The cream Brewers and sand-pinstriped Padres look are two of my new favorites.