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  1. I don’t think Cleveland fans had any authority whatsoever when it came to this. The league could have said shove it, but realized the mistake that was made by moving the Browns. They decided to keep the Browns records in Cleveland, and this has always been reflected. Not really much of an argument. And saying that Cleveland doesn’t deserve a team should deal with it like the Oilers and Colts (among others) did? Well, they all got a new team within 20 years, so I think you’ve missed the point. The NFL realized their mistakes and that once you move a team their will be uproar.
  2. I think it looks great, although the MLS logo does look shoehorned in. I don’t anticipate legibility issues at all for the name, either.
  3. Don’t believe they’ve worn it at all this year. Just a helmet sticker.
  4. How exactly are you blaming this on Nike? They changed those uniforms 15 years ago.
  5. That script is still terrible but at least it doesn’t have gold shoehorned in. Decent look.
  6. You do know the Cavs used the numbers before the Grizzlies even existed, right?
  7. Fantastic update. Nike hit it out of the park with Arizona, San Diego and Milwaukee. The cream Brewers and sand-pinstriped Padres look are two of my new favorites.
  8. Do you have any idea what you’re talking about? His father is a Cavs legend, he was born and raised in the area and was thrilled when he was traded here; he even got to wear his dad’s retired number. He signed an extension with the team even lol. He interacts with fans in the city on a regular basis and is in local marketing. By all accounts he is more than happy in Cleveland.
  9. I thought I recognized these from somewhere and, sure enough, I remembered. They come from this Nike Team catalog on page 9. I’m assuming the jersey you found was made by Nike as a spec to show off at trade shows and to other schools, etc. Probably has very little value, though.
  11. I’m disappointed in the amount of white space; I really liked the all blue and orange of the last crest, but that’s about where it stops. It’s definitely an upgrade but still underwhelming. The new lion is an upgrade, the shape is much better, and it’s not one giant “FC,” although the top corner where FC is now feels barren. Don’t like the use of navy, however.
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    Austin FC

    Horse :censored:. How’s this for a tree, not that abomination. Precourt, and MLS for letting it happen. It’s a shame enough to steal the original team, but it’s also terrible to replace such a great identity with another new black dominant team (LAFC, Miami). This logo just sucks, too. Everythings just one big slap in the face from Pre:censored: at this point.
  13. I love the gold and white but wow those purple jerseys are horrible. The piping around the neck and sleeves is perfect but that black side panel is horrific. Really dig the new shorts on the gold and white unis tho.
  14. I picked up a teal Marlins and kelly green A’s wool throwback back in November, and I really like the feel and look of them. The A’s is probably my current favorite, and I especially like them because they don’t gave the New Era branding on the side.
  15. The Crew did it with their black uniforms the last 3 years also (granted they were forced into it after the fan backlash from the Columbus flag atrocities).
  16. Have we seen a truly “unique” team-specific graphic/pattern yet this year? It seems like adidas hasn’t come up with anything special this year, which is really disappointing compared to last year. I’m a fan of a lot of the kits, especially the Dynamo, Timbers, and Union, but none of it feels special. Perhaps adidas decided to give team specific designs every other year so there’s always at least one unique design, and then mail it in on the other kit?
  17. I believe that's for Qualifiers, this is a separate league more or less replacing friendlies.
  18. They really should've chosen between the Panther and the wordmark, yikes.
  19. Change/third kits tend to be based on historical kits and/or local features, and many times in the past teams had colors on change kits that didn't match the primary. For example, Swansea had orange detailing for a period of time in the 60s, so I used that as a homage for the third shirt. I believe the moose comes from a local symbol for Watford, but I'm not quite sure without looking it up. 13. Stoke City I went with a modern design for the home stripes, with blue trim aplenty to distinguish Stoke from other red/white teams in England. The change kit returns to powder blue, but this time on a black base with sleeve hoops. I was a fan of how the sleeves looked, so I went with the same template for the third, which would be worn against a team like Bournemouth. 12. Leicester City The former champions of England get a star above the player name. I went with a diamond/checkerboard pattern on the home and I think it fits them great. The change kit is a salmon look, and the third is black with a blue design on the front, that is mimicked on the shorts. 11. West Ham United The home includes a chevron design that throws back to the late 1970s. The change kit is inspired by the seating at the new Olympic Stadium, which I thought was a cool design. The third kit is an all black look because I really like the way their blue pops on black. Sorry for the delay in posting, and I hope to be back tomorrow with a few more!
  20. I'm back with teams 17-14 of last season. 17. Watford Watford's switched over to adidas after Dryworld more or less went extinct. Adidas' teamwear effort was nothing to call home about, and I've tried to create a classic look for the Hornets' first season with the three stripes. The collar is red with a black center stripe, and I paired it with red shorts and socks, with the adidas stripes making a black/yellow pattern. The change is all black and dark grey with an Ajax-style look, with yellow details to really pop. The third is the old Waford colors from 1927-1959 making a very simple look. 16. Burnley Burnley's new home kit is kind of abysmal in my opinion, so I went with a classic look. The change kit is a change of pace for the club, with a dark burgundy and dark navy hooped look that I was very fond of. The third kit is all white, with double blue striping throughout. Yeah, I know Andre Gray transferred to Watford today. 15. Swansea City I personally hate mostly everything about Swansea's bland brand, and I also hate Joma kit designs. I tried to spice it up a bit by adding black shoulders and subliminal stripes to the main kit. The change kit is all black, with white/black striping on the cuffs and collar. The third kit is a slightly ammended version of the home, but it brings back the orange worn by the club for about a decade in the 60s. 14. Crystal Palace Taking my award for worst sponsors in the league would have to be Crystal Palace, which is a shame because I love the red and blue stripes. I went with a very classic look, with the stripes switching colors on the front and the back, like the Nike Juventus kit from a few years back. The change kit is a throwback to the club's claret and blue days, while using the current red, however. The center stripe was worn on the Eagles' home kit from 1959 until 1963. The change kit is a modern yellow look with blue accents. I'll be back with five more teams tomorrow, let me know what you think about today's crop!
  21. Huddersfield Town: Promoted via EFL Championship playoff in 2016/17. Everyone's choice to go directly back down this season is Huddersfield. The home kit is a homage to the team's look of the 1920s, when they won the First Division of three occasions, and the FA Cup once. It's a clean look compared to what they will be wearing this season. The change kit is a more modern look, with bright red piping on a black base. The third kit is a classy, understated yellow looked, paired with white socks. Brighton & Hove Albion: 2nd in EFL Championship in 2016/17 One of four teams to rep the swoosh this season, the Seagulls gets their traditional blue and white stripes, with navy accents throughout. The change kit is inspired by the iconic 1983 look which was worn to the FA Cup final. The third kit is a completely navy affair, with sublimated seagulls on the front, and royal blue piping throughout. Newcastle United: 1st in EFL Championship in 2016/17 Newcastle is right back up after being relegated in 2015/16 and look to be here to stay with Rafa Benitez leading the way. The Magpies are also celebrating 125 years, so I went with classic looks for the three kits. The home kit is the iconic white and black stripes, with a classy collar and gold applications. It most closely resembles the 1920-1929 kit, the first for the Toons that included black and white stripes, and black shorts. The primary change kit is yellow and blue, a popular change color for the club. A chevron is across the front, paying homage to the change kits from 1914 to 1930. I went a little more recent with the third, which is a throwback to the 1997 away kit. I updated the colors to work better together, and I think it came out much better than the effort from '97. The old NUFC logo is on the back of each kit. Tomorrow I'll be back with a few mid-table sides from last season, enjoy the three promoted clubs and let me know what you think!
  22. The 2017/18 Premier League season begins this weekend, and it looks to be as competitive as ever with TV money flying left and right during the transfer window. I decided to undertake the task of designing every team's kits for the upcoming season, and will be post a few a day, in reverse order of last season's standings. I hope you enjoy! Promoted (via playoff): Huddersfield Town Promoted (2nd in EFL Champ.): Brighton & Hove Albion Promoted (1st in EFL champ.): Newcastle United 17. Watford 16. Burnley 15. Swansea City 14. Crystal Palace
  23. This set screams "we're not planning on these lasting long" to me. I don't hate them, but I prefer the old set.