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College to Pro: Baseball


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If you've been following the College to Pro series, every now and then I've mentioned a desire to branch the concept out beyond its football roots, and among the ideas I've thrown around mentally are Club & Country for soccer, Juniors to Pro in hockey, and Ammos* to Pro in Aussie rules (*Australian for amateur). For now, I present College to Pro: Baseball Edition. Now on the mound...Roger Clemens



Texas: based on the pinstripes the Yanks have worn since your great grandpa was burpin your grandpa

Yankees: based on above picture. Yankees chosen because honestly, they required the least effort, and their script actually looks good, unlike the Astros script. Not that doing a Clemens Horns/Red Sox is out of the question, but it'll require more effort than I was willing to give this time out. Sorry fellow Yankee haters. <_<

EDIT: Figured someone might ask, so I'll clarify something beforehand: even though the series is College to Pro, I'll be doing high school-to-pro as well, as many big leaguers never set foot on a college diamond.


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I like it that could pass as an alt for the Yankees. With the afl idea by amature (never heard anyone call it ammo) would it be their vfl/sanfl/ whatever they have in Sidney and wa or their 'country' league that they played in in their teens?

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