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An Illustrated Book about NFL Players


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Hi Everybody,

I have the privilege to work on a great project with the NFL Players' Association.

This book is called "Charming Faces: A Pantheon of Football Badassery".

This would be the very first illustrated book about the most interesting characters in pro football.

I started a Kickstarter project to fund the necessary money for the book. Please take a look and share it with everybody on Twitter, facebook etc.


Thank you in advance!



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I'm afraid you're not going to like the second one either - I can't take seriously a project that uses the word "Badassery" in its title.

Interesting characters are good. But it sounds like you're aiming solely at adolescent machismo. Which is to me the least interesting element of pro football.

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I appreciate your critique Gothamite. I dont really want this book to be very serious. It is like a collection of drawn football cards. The emphasis is on illustration. Lots of it in lots of styles. And of course badass characters. I did a research on the subtitle and I got 100 percent positive feedback on this (I had 2 different versions) from football fans from the 25-50 year old category. Thats why I chose this one.

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