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Junior Hockey Update


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I am still pretty new at designing mascots, so I decided to try and give the local junior team here an update.

I didn't want to redesign because the logo does have a lot of history around it, and simply wanted to give it a more modern look while still preserving the essence of the original.


This is just the first draft so I'm looking for ideas on how to clean it up a little bit. I'm REALLY not sold on the font so I would like suggestions on fonts or where people find their fonts. I know where to get some, but its hard to find "athletic" looking fonts.

Here are a couple of options I put up with different strokes and colors for highlights.


Please let me know what you think

Thank you

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I have nothing but vile hatred for the 'Hawks. (Big Danville Wings fan from back in the day, some ruckus battles between those two back in the Wings' days) I really like your option A. I like the contrasting color for the highlights (grey) and like that the outline of the blackhawk doesn't interfere with the text on the bottom of the roundel like in D.

My only real suggestion would be to add some shading the face to give a little more ferocity. It almost looks like the blackhawk is bored or annoyed. Not really a fan of using the Atlanta Thrashers' font (I believe) but I'm not a big stickler for fonts it looks alright but I think you could find a better font. (just my opinion, doesn't really matter) Really like the update and hope to see it become a great logo!



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