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Club Logo--C&C appreciated

Whittier S

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I am vice-president of a new writing club at my university, and took up the task of creating the logo for the club. I'm looking for advice on how to clean up the presentation. Because the logo was approved by club officers, I can't really do much to alter its essence--it's a light bulb with the initials WTT forming the filament, these I can't change. Also, I have to work around some bugs with Inkscape that won't allow me to square the corners of rectangles or to have total freedom as to how to scale ellipses. (I checked Inkscape's bug reports, and other people are having these issues, but not enough for their team to make fixing them a priority.) So the ellipses at the base of the blue W inside the filament are an awkward size, but Inkscape won't let me scale or proportion the elipses so that there isn't the tension there is now at those points.

I'm having to turn this around quickly, so I'm mostly looking at advice over the next day or so.




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Are you sure? I forgot to mention that when this appears on anything school-related, the official school colours are dark blue and white. That's part of why I chose yellow, to pop against the blue. I hadn't had the chance yet to put it on a full style sheet to show how it would look against the blue.

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