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Guest darkpiranha

Apologizing in advance for the volume of images that will be in this posting. I visit this forum at least once a week, but never until just today did I think to post any of these uniform combos.

My fantasy football team just finished another successful championship season, my 25th. I knew going in that I would be retiring from fantasy football after the season so I took the opportunity to celebrate 25 years of Piranhas history. I combined this anniversary celebration with my love of Oregon's endless uniform combos and created a new combo for each week of the season, including the playoffs, and a week 17 exhibition game against the champion of a sister league. The results definitely run the gamut from traditional to XFL-ish. In my league's message board I wrote up a full explanation for each uniform combo, usually taking it a step farther by creating a short background story of what was going on behind the closed doors of the team's doors. During a mid-season slump, the news was that the owner (me) had a closed-door meeting with the players and laid down the law. Starting that week, the uniforms contained blood spatter, rumored to be the player's own blood. That "worked" in motivating the players, and we went on a five-game win steak that propelled us into the playoffs and onto the championship. The blood spatter continued and increased for a few weeks, to the point where some rival teams were joking that the only place I could take this was to have actual entrails and organs featured on the uniform and helmet. Sadly, I ended the blood spatter design element before it got to that stage. Anyway, except for the blood spatter, the combos feature relatively normal crazy Oregon/Maryland-esque designs. There were also four retro weeks where previous incarnations of the Piranhas logo were featured, and the final week 17 combo featured the original "Killer V's" name and combo that went winless through the first four games of my team's existence, prompting a change to the silver and black (and eventually blood red) of the Dark Piranhas.

Special thanks to Fraser Davidson for his templates, and Sparky Chewbarky for showing how much fun it could be to create a full team identity (although I fell far short of matching the breadth and depth of the Highlanders)

Week 1

Plain old vanilla Dark Piranhas home combo.


Week 2 - The "Hockey" combo -away.

Using the prominent logo placement that hockey uses.


Week 3 - Blackout home combo


Week 4 - Skeleton Crew away combo


Week 5 - 1988 Dark Piranhas Retro jersery

Featuring the original logo and a jersey design paying homage to the original Killer V's, by having a V on the front of the jersey.


Week 6 - Breast Cancer Awareness Week.


Week 7 - First Blood combo. First jersey to feature blood spatter.


Week 8 - 1990 Retro logo and helmet

Things started to get a bit crazy in the early 90's. Lots of teeth in the design. This team went undefeated with Randall Cunningham leading the way.


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Guest darkpiranha

Week 9 - In Cold Blood combo


Week 10 - Dead of Night combo

Really wanted to go for a weird, asymmetrical Maryland or Notre Dame style combo.


Week 11 - 1994 Retro combo

This was the logo from 1994 until 2006.


Week 12 - Sunday Bloody Sunday combo.

First appearance of the red helmet, which is reserved for playoff-clinching games. Mission accomplished.


Week 13 - Blood and Silver combo

Wanted to see if I could do a chrome-style logo.


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Guest darkpiranha

Week 14 - Playoffs week 1

My theme for the playoffs was to take a successful (based on victory) combo from earlier in the season and bring it back with a twist (or flip, as in this case)


Week 15 - Playoffs Week 2

This would have been my final game if not for Chris Johnson ripping off a 94 yard TD on Monday Night Football, giving me exactly the amount of points I needed to advance to the championship.


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Guest darkpiranha

Week 16 - Championship Game

Wanted to somehow suggest a 'school of piranha'. Tried a dozen different ways, but never cracked it. This was the best I could do.


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Guest darkpiranha

Week 17 - Exhibition championship against sister league's champion.

In honor of the Dark Piranhas final ever fantasy football game of any kind, we pulled out the logo and helmet from the winless Killer V's from the first four games of 1988. The Killer V's were able to redeem themselves with a dominant 181-69 victory.


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Guest darkpiranha

Bonus! The stunning underwater Cunningham Field (named after Randall Cunningham, QB of the undefeated 1990 team). Also known as the "Piranha Tank", the "Piranha Dome", and the "Fish Bowl"


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