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In wake of Mockba's Fantasy Soccer team, I decided I'd dig up this old concept I had of my own. As you can see it was a bit rough in a lot of areas but it was my intention for the logo to be reminiscent of Sublime's sun logo. I was hoping this would find a way into raysox's Yakball league but it never came to fruition and I basically left it alone. Anyway I'd like to know what people think I should fix as I'm shooting for a look that bends the rules a bit, and has vibrant colors. I have the uniform ideas already set in place but I think cleaning this up should be a priority.


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In general, I like it. I'm really digging the palette. Overall, I get kind of a SoCal 1970's feel, which I think really works for Long Beach. Because of that, the typeface for "Long Beach" doesn't quite seem to fit. And the individual flames need to be cleaned up a bit, but I think you know that. I'm interested in seeing where this goes.

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