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Baseball League Team Names for my Script


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So I'm writing a movie about baseball and it is set in Iowa. It's about a pitcher getting a call to play for an independent league baseball team after an injury sets him back with the MLB. Not sure what the league will be called yet, but I want to create a team because it's more fun than using minor league teams. So I'm having a little trouble deciding the names for the teams in this league. So far besides Iowa I have three other teams, but I'm having trouble picking team names for them. So I've picked a few names for each and maybe you can help me decide. Thanks in advance and here we go:


Harvesters (Green and Mustard): I like this name because of Iowa's agriculture and a lot of corn nicknames are too common. However it reminds me a bit of the Brewers.

Battle Sox (TBD): While the Iowa team in my film isn't necessarily affiliated with the White Sox, I still like this name for a couple of reasons. 1) First of all it just sounds cool. 2) Kind of a play on with the Iowa Cubs.


Timberjacks (TBD): Yes there was once the Portland Timberjacks, but the name to fit.

Lake Liners (TBD): just to be different from Lakers.

Wood Chuckers (TBD): Now taking the field the Minnesota Woodchuckers. No real explanation except this idea came to me about 2am the other morning.

Timbercats (TBD): A play on word to the Minnesota Timberwolves, might be a bit too close.


Doubles (Dakota Blue, Yellow): Mixed on this one. Love the sound of Dakota Doubles, but can kind of see the "we only shoot for doubles" moniker.

Pioneers (Navy, Orange): Personally I just like the sound of Dakota Pioneers, but the name is a bit common.

Diamonds (Dakota Blue, Yellow): Makes sense in terms of Baseball diamond.

Dragons (Dakota Blue, Black and Silver): not original, but definitely a fierce name.


Bandits (Black and Orange): Taken from the railroad industry in Indiana, could extend to Rail Bandits.

Conductors (TBD): Again from the railroad industry, obviously :)

Once I can settle on names, I can start creating some logos and uniforms, etc.



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Guest darkpiranha

I like "Engines" for Indianapolis. You could also go with Trackers, for both train and racing track, and I'm sure there were a few animal trackers back in the day.

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Living on a farm, I love your original idea for the Iowa Harvesters, especially with the green & yellow colors (John Deere) as well as the idea of a racing-type theme for the Indiana/Indianapolis team. Warriors would be a good name for the Dakota team or the Mounts or the Rushmores (Mount Rushmore)

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Wow these are some really good names. I think Iowa Harvesters is pretty unanimous and the whole day I felt pretty good about the name.

I also think Minnesota Timberjacks is going to win out with me as well.

As for Dakota and Indiana/Indianapolis not sure yet, but Rail Hawks sounds good, Stationmasters as well. For Dakota maybe the Dakota Bluebirds, kind of want to use the blue/yellow color scheme but the other names are good too. Keep them coming, hopefully I can pick one.



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