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Swingman Jerseys


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I know this id definitely the wrong location and probably the wrong board for this question. But seeing as I can't seem to get registered for jersey central I thought I'd ask here. Mods please move this to the proper location thank you.

I was wondering if anyone has gotten a new Swingman jersey re-ettered and or re-numbered. A player was traded from my team and they discounted his HWC jersey to $40 in the team store. Wanted to redo the jersey completely, but would settle for re-lettering if that is possible.

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I have a few Swingman jerseys with long-gone players: Antoine Walker of Boston, Ray Allen in a throwback (Alcindor era) Bucks, Van Exel in a throwback "The City" Warriors, and Richardson in a throwback San Diego Clippers jersey - I will occasionally wear any one of the four when I feel like it. I bought all of those jerseys at a discount because the players were gone.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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