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Jaguars helmet concept


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I know we're only days away from knowing what the actual helmet will look like, but here's what it would look like if rcb05 were in charge of the world (one day, my friends, one day...).

-Textured gold helmet

- Black facemask

- Allow the gold of the helmet to serve as the gold part of the jaguar's fur

As always, C&C welcome.


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Yeah, I tried to avoid the logo going over the air vent, but it seemed like every alternative I tried made the logo either way too far forward or way too small. I took what I deemed to be the lesser evil.

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I personally really like the logo being cut by the air vent. Allows the logo to be big while not interrupting it too much. Well done.

**ALSO where did you get that helmet template? I'd love to have it!

I actually just used this image of Michigan State's gold helmet. I messed with the hue a bit to better match the Jags' gold.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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