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  1. Thank you for proving my point. I'm so confused right now. I'm not gonna lie. You only contribute to the madness Doug. Pull some strings here and get this shutdown. You know, the right thing to do.
  2. Doug, All well stated here and parts are a correct and parts are , well just well off and one-sided slanted to your own viewpoint. I reached out to you through PM and tried to discuss this in a manner that was appropriate. You coming out in my thread and sort of backhanding me with your disappointment slant is really the biggest bunch of pooh to add on top of this. Yes, I reached out and asked for help with this one team. Yes links were provided. They are the same links that I had found on my own. I was very polite in this Doug. I responded to it and was appreciative. TO BE CLEAR, It is the other stuff that took this down the path it is now. Not nitpicking the design Doug. As far as My concepts...well I don't apologize one bit. I spent the hours on it. I can do as I wish. It is what it is. I'm more disappointed in the fact that you choose to use me as an example in your clean up the board mantra. I have begged for well over a week to get this thread taken down. To no avail. Not even you would do anything to help and even you step in here and rant. How does this make you any better or different? It's too bad really. You don't know me at all. You don't know my motivation for doing this work. Others here do know more about me and my personal life and they can vouch for me Doug. They know why it is a passion to me right now. Peace my brothers. It has been a fun ride.
  3. Thanks for the support sparky, GG and others. And GG, that is an awesome image. GG is right. It is my work and I choose to share here. So it is my choice whether I stay or go. It is my ball. It is unfortunate what transpired in this thread. Right now I'm on the fence as to whether I bring this one back. Either way I wish peace to all.
  4. That is pretty cold dude. Not gonna lie. Why don't you consider making your own and post it up. Mods, if you please...
  5. Texas State was at one time D2, yes or no? Correct answer is yes. Why the heck does it even matter? Bottomline is, there is no need to continue a thread that has been jacked. If Mods do work here, it would be nice to see you send this on it's way down cause it ain't coming back here. I appreciate the support of those who followed and I apologize, but this just isn't worth my time. Thanks again.
  6. You have skills man. Great work. Maybe lose the beard on the Titan. More jaw and chin might do it.
  7. Bringing my Browns Concept to life here. You can see it here....(CLICK IT HERE)...where you saw a new color introduced first.