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Wonka's AHL - (Albany Devils Added 6/12/13)


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Don't know if this series will go far, but whatever.

For the Phantoms I took a risk, and (White is Home, Dark is Away) for the Home, I don't really think the design translated well in white. I did the black uniform first, and I think that looks sharp. And ...get it...Phantoms get a nice phantom yolk....ha...ha...ha....

And not to sound rude, but I'm really not looking to change the dark uniform in any severity. Maybe a small change if someone really hates something, but the only one that I would really change is the Home. Maybe I might go Carolina Hurricanes and make the uniforms not match...tough decision. But, tell me what you think!

Adirondack Home:


Adirondack Away:


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Albany Devils:

Already two teams, and I already see a difficult series. So many teams have complete rip offs of their parent club. And a lot of teams have almost the same logo. Well.. for this I kind of wanted to give the Devils a new look, yet also hint at the Devils first jerseys. the home has almost the same striping as those. And the away. Is just a recolored version but both stripes being white. The big difference I think is the non black shoulder color. I think it makes a huge difference. Especially the white on the away. Anyways, tell me what you think!


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Although most teams are copies of their parent clubs, They can offer a lot of creativity with their logos being more... cartoonish? Then again, you don't wanna have something TOO crazy to the point where the uniforms are complete eye-sores. Good start. Albany's stripes do need fixed though.

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