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  1. Thank you, I really appreciate that. Making and editing videos has always been a passion growing up but it's been close to 6-7 years since I've uploaded anything to YouTube. Finding that little side hidden passion again. I'm really enjoying making 'em!
  2. As the title states, I hired two designers. One for a $5 logo design and one designer for a $5 jersey design. The results....well...you'll have to see.
  3. I do note that in the video as mistakes at the end with misspelling September. I think that fits the whole theme of the video so I leave it as is.
  4. Another design Challenge today! Video is in the main post. Basically just a Gameday graphic for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Paint.
  5. First Sketch: https://i.imgur.com/e6b8gDS.jpg Final Logo: https://i.imgur.com/sNLaVn7.jpg Unsure how to post photos nowadays to this site haha (it's changed a lot since i Posted a ton here) but here is the first sketch and final logo. Logo work time 1 hour and 55 minutes.
  6. I appreciate your thoughts! I think, pretty clearly the most important part of the video (took over half the time almost) was the sketching. And I think thats a great lesson early on in design. Sometimes you can go right to Illustrator or photoshop if you have a simple shape or simple logo in mind, but to make sure you're getting the best out of your time, really fleshing out the sketch will save you so much time later on as you try to finalize it and digitize it. I hope as I continue this series I can be more comfortable talking while designing but I had a good time.
  7. DESIGN CHALLENGE #1: Logo in under 2 Hours | NYC Snappers It's been awhile since I worked on design for fun at home. It's been awhile since I've done any designs period...maybe close to two months now. Decided to go on sharpen.design and utilize their design challenge generator. The first one I got was sort of designing a sports logo, so I went with it. I decided to record the whole 2 hour process. From research, inspiration, sketching and vectoring to create a logo. I had a ton of fun. I wouldn't look at the video as a tutorial, or a "How To" but more a look into how I take on a project and how my thought process works. If you leave a comment on the video, you can even win a sticker of the final product! I'm thinking of doing this series every Monday for the time being. Let me know what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqzsAGi-SFA&t=12s DESIGN CHALLENGE #2: Creating a Sports Graphic for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in MS Paint Another week, another design challenge. This one was actually...quite fun lol. Check it out if you're interested in seeing my process and the final product!
  8. Since I last posted, the bracket was finalized and the teams were assigned to the designers. Tomorrow is the last day for them to design! Also, since the last time I posted, Icethetics.co will be the home for the voting for the tournament! That's pretty huge! To kick off the concepts this Monday, I made an "All Star" jersey set to go along with the 32 teams. As always follow @UniformMadness_ on twitter for updates on voting/winners and more!
  9. It's been a while since I've posted on here. Since myself and a lot of designers in the tournament started here I figured it made sense to update the boards on what's happening over on Twitter design. With all of the March Madness excitement that happened recently, I decided I wanted to make my own bracket regarding the NHL. Best logos and best uniforms have been done so many times though. So my first thought was, what if we got 8-16 designers to create their own team. Decide the city, team name, logos and uniforms. Then they go head to head in a vote to see who made the best team. Unfortunately, with time, obviously, people couldn't put that much time to it. So the next idea was to take the 16 teams that make the playoffs, then have people just redesign their uniform for a tournament. Very quickly, the buzz for the tournament kicked off. We had 32+ people interested in being involved. So instead. Now, it's all 32 NHL teams (Including Seattle) Teams will be bracketed by the Western and Eastern Conference and their seeding is based off where they end up in the standing. Seattle will be 16 for the West. Seeded as such (1-16, 2-15, 3-14 and so on). Then the 32 designers involved will be assigned a team (kept anonymous until the end of the tournament). They will then have a week to submit a home and road jersey for the team they were assigned. They can make a new logo for the team or keep the current ones or use a past one. But we're looking at who can create the best NHL uniform in a full league-wide redesign. Voting will be held on Twitter or possibly an outside source/website. That hasn't been decided yet, but you can find the tournament and keep up with it on Twitter @UniformMadness_ Here is some of the work I've put together for it so far. If some of you decide to follow/check it out I appreciate it! I kept he Twitter Handle pretty open for any future tournaments so it's not just NHL or hockey, so many more ideas can be completed! Thanks for reading/viewing! - Dylan Nowak
  10. Some may have seen on Instagram or Twitter but I have made ticket designs with the new branding. Similar style of design will also be seen on team posters and advertisements. This design is based off of the wrapper and tin designs from vintage Hershey chocolate from the 1950's. I was playing around with the idea of the off white being a gold foil print for the tickets. I'm thinking I'd just keep the off-white but wanted to upload this one as well just so you can see what I had in mine with the design. I think the off-white not only fits better but looks better overall than the gold foil with this design and concept. This is the base inspiration for the design.
  11. Is this THE topic of all forums?
  12. If I'm not mistaken that's the official mark for them this year. I agree, maybe you could make a better one? But if he wants to keep that part realistic, I believe that's their "logo"
  13. Hey, folks. Stumbling back to the boards for a short while as I work on another small project. I don't want to call this a rebrand but that's basically what I'm doing here. I love the Hershey Bears color scheme and even their logo set, but I feel like their jerseys are always subpar. That is besides their throwbacks and fauxback jerseys. This project will be taking their brand and making it a full classic vintage look, which I feel would suit the Bears best. For right now, I only have two teaser images up. These are basically the logos I will be working with for the concept. Still some tweaking to do, but I'm going full on 50's candy bar vintage style with this project. From the logos, jerseys, and posters, tickets, really anything. Should be a short and fun concept to work on. I hope those that follow along enjoy it as well! Obviously, would love to hear thoughts along the way, but just keep in mind, I'm not straying far away from the idea at hand which is: complete vintage Hershey Bears. So, without further adieu here are the first two teasers.
  14. It's been awhile but I've done a couple of concepts since the Edmonton one. Have one for the Jets. I went with a more classic striping pattern that is also mimicked on the shoulders. the tough part was deciding what logo to use. while I think I prefer the older logos I don't see them really going back to those. For Montreal, I didn't do the home jersey as there is no reason for me to mess with that. However, I was trying to give the away jersey something new and unique. It's almost a modern touch on a classic look in my opinion. Tried to have some fun with it.
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