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  1. Some may have seen on Instagram or Twitter but I have made ticket designs with the new branding. Similar style of design will also be seen on team posters and advertisements. This design is based off of the wrapper and tin designs from vintage Hershey chocolate from the 1950's. I was playing around with the idea of the off white being a gold foil print for the tickets. I'm thinking I'd just keep the off-white but wanted to upload this one as well just so you can see what I had in mine with the design. I think the off-white not only fits better but looks better overall than the gold foil with this design and concept. This is the base inspiration for the design.
  2. Is this THE topic of all forums?
  3. If I'm not mistaken that's the official mark for them this year. I agree, maybe you could make a better one? But if he wants to keep that part realistic, I believe that's their "logo"
  4. Hey, folks. Stumbling back to the boards for a short while as I work on another small project. I don't want to call this a rebrand but that's basically what I'm doing here. I love the Hershey Bears color scheme and even their logo set, but I feel like their jerseys are always subpar. That is besides their throwbacks and fauxback jerseys. This project will be taking their brand and making it a full classic vintage look, which I feel would suit the Bears best. For right now, I only have two teaser images up. These are basically the logos I will be working with for the concept. Still some tweaking to do, but I'm going full on 50's candy bar vintage style with this project. From the logos, jerseys, and posters, tickets, really anything. Should be a short and fun concept to work on. I hope those that follow along enjoy it as well! Obviously, would love to hear thoughts along the way, but just keep in mind, I'm not straying far away from the idea at hand which is: complete vintage Hershey Bears. So, without further adieu here are the first two teasers.
  5. It's been awhile but I've done a couple of concepts since the Edmonton one. Have one for the Jets. I went with a more classic striping pattern that is also mimicked on the shoulders. the tough part was deciding what logo to use. while I think I prefer the older logos I don't see them really going back to those. For Montreal, I didn't do the home jersey as there is no reason for me to mess with that. However, I was trying to give the away jersey something new and unique. It's almost a modern touch on a classic look in my opinion. Tried to have some fun with it.
  6. This one was inspired by the new Arenas jerseys they will be wearing for one game during the season. A lot of people have pegged this as their future Winter Classic jersey. I just meant it as a concept off of their 'almost' perfect uniform. To me, all it is would be making the arm striping and hem striping the same width, and of course getting a new style collar from the new Adidas rebrand.
  7. This one my second take on the Sabres Winter Classic jersey. Really started to fall for this logo. Really hope its the main crest logo (even though It probably won't be). Went with a simplistic, traditional feel for this one.
  8. This one is the first of the bunch to utilize a concept logo. Logo created by Josh Benksy. If you're on twitter, you can follow him there! Used the brown and gold combo that I feel Boston should go back to. It would be unique to the NHL and I think fits the Bruin name better. Also, looking at Wyomings NCAA Football uniforms this week, I had to go back. I thought it looked gorgeous.
  9. The second coming of Christ is this thread.
  10. This one was probably my most controversial concept posted to Twitter and Instagram. Biggest complaints were "is this team from Miami?" and "looks like Minnesota." I don't understand the latter, but here is the idea behind it. Took the jade from the original Mighty Ducks set and mashed it with the orange from their current. Also took some ideas from their current set and mashed it together with the original Mighty Ducks jersey. All in all, it's a full combo of current and original.
  11. With design in mind, Illustrator usually takes 30-45 minutes depending on how different the design is and if I have to alter the template in any way. This at minimum is around 45 minutes for simpler designs if I already have them in mind. Like, base stripes, simple logo, no real tampering with the template. Some designs in this like Pittsburgh, Colorado, Vancouver (changing the yoke style, and side panel stripes), CBJ, LV (Stopping the stripes on the sleeve with stitching), and TB, NSH (Intricate, unique sleeve designs) will take usually a base of one hour to an hour and a half including presentation set up. Definitely not ideal time wise but I think it makes up for with the overall final product. And while I don't think Nashville's design would go over well in the hockey world with a lot of fans, just taking the time and trying to make it look realistic helped the cause of when people see it.