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  1. I'm guessing because the powder blue pants would look weird with the current white jersey? I really hope they don't try powder blue with navy pants. That would be a disaster.
  2. Colts and Dolphins are the only two teams that look good with a white helmet.
  3. The Michigan State uniforms are really taking a beating on twitter. I just kept scrolling and didn't see one positive comment. Can't think of a uniform that has ever received this much negative reaction on social media from everyone. I'd be shocked if they ever see the field.
  4. Probably best seller right up there with the color rush. But why make a game jersey if he'll never wear it. Browns players always wear orange during public appearances, but it's always a replica.
  5. So Beckham has a white, orange and Color Rush jersey. Yet the horrible brown primaries are no where to be seen. I know it's wishful thinking, but maybe the orange jerseys are coming back for 2019? Any chance they can make that the primary instead? I don't see the league letting them upgrade the Color Rush to primary.
  6. I'm actually surprised they didn't put the full logo on the helmet, oversized similar to the Bucs. Seems like the Nike thing to do. Maybe that was the original plan and they realized it looked ridiculous and scrapped the football outline? Leaving just the wordmark and football left.
  7. Rocket Mortgage isn't any worse than Quicken Loans. But why Field house? Because you use mortgages to buy houses? To me Fieldhouse should either be reserved for a historic arena or a retro inspired arena (Bankers Life Field house). The Q is neither.
  8. With most designs I think they just try to hard. But honestly, uniform design has been getting progressively worse across all sports. We've seen sleeves in the NBA, millions of chrome football helmets, NHL's Reebok Edge era, etc. Instead of trying to make the best design possible, teams want to make a splash. Having said that, I like the Jets redesign. I've never been a fan of the old look and am glad that it is gone. The logo was cluttered and dated. The sleeve design didn't translate to the modern uniform cut. Did they need a black jersey? Probably not. But who cares? They'll be able to wear it 3 times max.
  9. As far as Nike's redesigns it's definitely towards the top. Compared to the rest of them, are they really that bad? I like them a lot. 1. Vikings 2. Dolphins 2.0 3. Jets 4. Lions 5. Seahawks 6. Dolphins 1.0 7. Jaguars 2.0 8. Titans 9. Buccaneers 10. Jaguars 1.0 11. Browns
  10. Looks surprisingly good. Helmet logo choice is odd, but I like the jerseys a lot. Seems like it would have made more sense to have the pants stripe start at the bottom and "shoot" up?
  11. To me the helmet is the most iconic part of their branding. The elf and dog logos will come and go, but the orange helmet needs to stay. Just like Penn State, Ohio State, Notre Dame, etc, there's no need for a logo on it because the design is the logo. Some will make the college vs. NFL argument but it has been around long enough to belong.
  12. This has me cautiously optimistic. Nothing fancy and clean seem to be the words they keep repeating. I didn't expect Color Rush for more than 3 games, because the Browns don't seem to hate the current uniforms as much as we do. At least they don't feel they need to ask the league to flex the rules or else it would have happened last season.
  13. I wish, but I don't see the NFL allowing that. Would actually be smart to let the Browns roll with color rush and come out with a one season throwback. That gives them the chance to sell a crap ton of those two before the 2020's come out. Just my guess but it seems they'll have 4 options. Home, road, color rush and a surprise alternate. Going to be fun dissecting a 17 second video clip for months. Since this is all we'll get.
  14. Big troll job here. So they have a "surprise" uniform they won't show anyone and a color rush?
  15. It's weird that some of the left are in flag colors, while the right are using team colors. Yet, both of the Vikings are the same? Doesn't seem like any consistency...