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  1. Browns vs. Bengals has been a nightmare to watch for the past 5-6 years. There's just too much orange and black/brown. It got better last season, but the Browns still wore orange pants for both games. Hopefully the Bengals new sets are much more black dominant and don't include orange jerseys or pants.
  2. If Adidas ever got the MLB contract we'd 100% see that for every team on players weekend. Maybe even with shorts.
  3. Seems unnecessary and pretty poor execution of the Erie Otters "chrome" helmet. Seems like if college and AHL teams can do chrome or gold, an OHL team should be able to figure it out.
  4. Hopefully they are able to pull stadium data from NCAA14 and upgrade it for the next gen consoles. I can't even imagine how much work it would take to make all 100+ stadiums from scratch in time for the release. Wouldn't be surprised if they just created the main Power 5 schools and just gave everyone else generic stuff. EA has a habit of half-assing games. Their reputation isn't where it used to be and Madden has become pretty stale. I'd assume since Madden has roster sharing, they would use the same system here. With so many teams it probably makes sense to share individual teams and not the entire FBS. I doubt anyone has that much time on their hands. So many people have waited a really long time for this game, they better do it right. Some NBA2k level customization too wouldn't hurt.
  5. The 23 car is pretty underwhelming. Actually think it's a downgrade from Bubba's #43 Doordash car from last season. Thought with Jordan being a part owner we'd get some cool designs and even maybe some jumpman branding.
  6. The alternative helmet can only be worn with the alternative jersey 3x in the regular season. Problem solved. I couldn't care less if a team wanted a throwback or color rush specific helmet. As long as the main helmet is worn for most of the season.
  7. While they look awesome on their own, it drives me crazy that it's basically the same uniform template in different colors. One of the main reasons I don't really want the Saints or Dolphins to move back to this template full time.
  8. As a Browns fan, I fully expect the Browns to be the Browns and lose this game.
  9. Feel like the orange pants have a higher winning %. But with the win today, I believe they've actually won in every uniform combination this season.
  10. Can't imagine many NBA fans are running out to buy Harleys. It's always nice to see a local company snag the sponsorship, but it never made sense to me.
  11. Rock and roll themed based on the tag. Maybe fonts inspired by band logos? Not really anything special, but I'd like to see the whole set and inspiration before judging.
  12. Unfortunately, I feel like this has been the case in way too many Nike/NFL redesigns. Browns, Bucs, Jaguars, Lions, Rams, Falcons and Titans. All had some nice touches but overall they just seem to be trying too hard. Weird number fonts, awkward wordmark placements, unnecessary helmet modifications and gradients are fine in small doses. But when you do all that at the same time, it's a mess.
  13. Has every team with green in their color scheme tried volt/highlighter green at some point? Sure seems like it. I liked it when Oregon first started because their colors are yellow and green. Volt felt like a combination of both. All these other teams just seem like poor imitations.
  14. This is my favorite set Oregon has ever had. The colors just look so awesome and the patterns are well done without being over the top.
  15. Erie Otters 25th Anniversary alternate: Big "meh" from me. Seems like their uniforms just keep getting worse and worse. They took a step in the right direction a few years ago bringing back the otter logo. But still botched it by forcing "Erie" in the helmet. Maybe I'm biased because I grew up with the red/blue/gold look.