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  1. I like to stock up on local teams stuff whenever I travel somewhere. I was in NYC when the Rangers were in the Stanley Cup finals so I got a shirt and some Mets hats. Cardinals stuff from Louisville, Gamecocks hat from Myrtle Beach, Vols stuff from Tennessee, etc. Yeah all of that can probably be bought online. But I'd rather buy something sports-related than the typical "I NY" or touristy shirts. Having said that, I'm seriously considering buying some Kraken stuff. Just because the logo is awesome.
  2. It looks ugly, cheap and outdated compared to newer fabrics. I'm glad nobody is producing it anymore.
  3. Not sure why they couldn't just keep the same uniform as before, just replace the wordmark with Washington. Then just use a "W" in the new font on the helmet instead of yellow numbers.
  4. I'm guessing the pacman logo is only allowed to face right? Looks weird facing backwards on the left leg. They must think so too, since almost none of the promo photos show the left side of the shorts.
  5. Only thing I can think of is that the alternates for every team will be Jordan brand and primary home/away will be Nike?
  6. It's definitely an upgrade...but that took 2 years to design? No logo design project should take that long.
  7. Red Wolves, Red Tails or Warriors. If it takes two years for the NFL/Nike to redesign uniforms, I can't even imagine how long creating a whole new identity will take.
  8. When I was in high school and college they seemed pretty popular. Right after they started branching out from cold/hot gear and started producing everything else. I just remember thinking it was always too expensive and most was pretty boring. Just because you set a high price point doesn't mean people are automatically going to think it's better. Which seemed to be their business model. But who knows, Champion is now considered a "cool" brand. Who knows what will happen to UA.
  9. Always felt they could compete with Jordan brand, when really they are closer to Adidas. Never thought any of the apparel was anything special.
  10. You're probably right. Looked into it more and found that they have a 10-year deal for $90 million. Only paying $4 million more than they did Cal. Not a bad deal when put into perspective.
  11. I'm assuming Notre Dame will be the next UA casualty? Hopefully all 3 teams go with Nike and not Adidas.
  12. VDizzle12


    They've built a decent team of high profile athletes, who in some cases have become part investors. Read somewhere that their goal was to outsell Gatorade by 2025. Walmart's usually my go-to but lately they are sold out of the main flavors, leaving only low calorie options. Some local grocery chains have a few flavors, but still not as many as Gatorade and Powerade.
  13. I've mentioned this before. Removing the stripe would mean 3 teams in the NFC south basically just wear blank jerseys. Bucs and Saints have no stripes, no design features aside from changing the colors and slapping a logo on the sleeve.
  14. VDizzle12


    It's not even the top sports drink owned by Coca-Cola and seems pointless in a crowded market. I can only assume they only keep it around because they only have a minority stake in BodyArmor and want to provide a cheaper alternative. Personally I don't mind paying extra for BodyArmor because it's healthier and tastes better than Powerade and Gatorade.
  15. His Jofa helmet makes it so much worse. One of the ugliest helmets ever created. Old style helmets, especially in hockey, make the old guys in modern uniforms look so much worse. I wore the newer Lemieux/Selanne Jofa growing up and that was right up there in ugliness too.