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  1. The Valvoline cars have always had some of the best designs. I remember back in the 90s/00s thinking those Mark Martin #6 cars were some of the coolest ever.
  2. I don't think the "city" part is meant to be taken literally. For example, Miami's uniform is based on a Cuban baseball team. Like the NBA's city uniforms, the design just needs to be tied to the area and it's population. The Rockies could play off the mountains or "Mile High", Arizona can work in a kachina pattern or something desert related. The Minnesota Timberwolves have had jerseys that said "MSP" or just "Minn" with a north star theme. There's a lot of possibilities. Sure, some will seem half-assed or confusing to outsiders. But most of this stuff generates buzz and makes money.
  3. ...and Browns and 49ers. Not sure why all these teams are waiting so long...
  4. They'll never settle on Rockers. When there's already a team named the Rockies. Guardians and Municipals are still my favorites.
  5. I'm assuming at minimum we'll see a mini superbowl between the CFL-XFL. Maybe eventually add in some interleague games during the regular season too. The CFL always seemed to want to create a following in the US and the XFL just wants to survive. Seemed like a perfect match for both leagues.
  6. A spring football league can work and I think it would benefit fans and players. But all of these new leagues popping up every year separately to compete against each other? Never going to work. If the XFL and USFL can find a way to work together and someday create a pipeline to the NFL. Then they might be on to something....
  7. I'd assume the reasoning behind "Elks" was that they could still use the EE logo. Probably just showing the antler helmet as an alternate and an example of how the new logo will be used.
  8. I think people are used to black. I find it interesting. Because, as long as I've been here, the addition of black into a color scheme causes a near riot and posters acting as if the world was ending. I mean imagine if the Seattle Kraken decided to use black pants/helmets. It would be awful. But because the Avs did it 25 years ago people just got used to it. Having said that, burgundy pants should be used with the white jersey. But blue is way better than black.
  9. https://www.newscaststudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/abc-co-logo.jpg Pretty funny to see JET24 here in Erie, PA make an appearance on the official brand guide. Almost seems like a lot of the local affiliates could use a redesign now or at least avoid having the abc overlap so much.
  10. Anything is better than black. The logos get completely lost on black jerseys and hats. It makes no sense...
  11. I like this better than the current Marlins branding ** ducks **
  12. 49ers and Browns have throwbacks that leaked already. They are not "city" uniforms. Seems like someone just making up, because of what happened in the NBA and MLB.
  13. Probably one of the laziest logos and most uninspired identities ever created. EDIT: Actually the Belleville Senators, Iowa Wild and Ontario Reign are up there too. Man I never realized the AHL was this bad. I'm never going to complain about minor league baseball branding again.
  14. Wow that's really weird seeing a two-colored Adidas logo. Of all the strange elements on that uniform, something about that just seems really bizarre to me. Has to be the one of the only times that has ever been done.
  15. Guess at the end of the day this is who the City uniforms are created for. Most here will freak out and act like the world is ending. But if people in Boston like them and money is made, mission accomplished.
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