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  1. This is definitely true, but the Nike/NFL design team isn't about making the best uniform possible. Just about every design element is just added to be different and doesn't have any logical reasoning behind it. What do the carbon fiber stripes, extended sleeve stripes, contrasted stitching, orange numbers, etc have to do with Cleveland and the Browns? They can give us some BS explanations in the unveiling, but none of them are necessary.
  2. I actually think orange/white/orange is their best combo of the new set. The only reason there's too much orange right now is because the orange numbers and occasionally orange socks.
  3. So using this theory, the Packers should be wearing green pants? The Browns aren't named after a color and orange pants are by far the best option they have. They're the only NFL team to wear them and they balance out perfectly with the orange helmet.
  4. This is the first team that came to mind when he was released.
  5. I think teams can change their pant or helmet designs every year if they really wanted to. Doesn't seem like the Browns care enough right now to make a one-year temporary change.
  6. Take the NY and add the 90s jet/streak above or through it. Seems like such a simple solution.
  7. Wonder if the NFL would allow that? Orange jerseys for 5 games, 3 color rush and white the rest. I know people here don't want to see it but I want all orange just once.
  8. It would be nice if the Browns at least removed the wordmarks from the pants for next season. The NFL doesn't have any restrictions on pants, so why not? I'm sure they have to order new ones every season anyway.
  9. I wish. I can't see the NFL making an exception since the Browns didn't relocate like the Rams. The Browns know the others jerseys are awful, so they probably are just trying to show them as little as possible.
  10. True. The one shell rule pretty much ruined throwbacks in the NFL.
  11. I agree with all of this and I am a Browns fan. With the Cavs and Indians in decline it seems like everyone is all in on the Browns. I think most don't seem to understand that adding one guy is going to take you from 7 wins to a Super Bowl. I think finally having a good QB is a start, but what if he gets hurt? What if he has a bad year? A lot can go wrong and if/when it does there will be riots in the street. On the other hand, living in NW PA I've been waiting for the day that the Steelers are garbage. I've listened to those people talk trash and run their mouths my entire life. I sure hope their run is over.
  12. I'm sure this has been mentioned, so sorry if I missed it. But teams aren't doing throwbacks in 2019 for the 100th season like the AFL one's in 2009? Seems like a big missed opportunity.
  13. I don't understand why people go through so much work with these photoshops of newly acquired players. Just wait a few months and you'll get a real photo of these guys on the field. Just looking at some of the OBJ ones make my uniform OCD go crazy.
  14. Browns getting new uniforms in 2020 becomes even better. Can't even imagine how much money thru will be making.
  15. The backlash they would get from a name change would be a million times worse than the small group of people offended right now. Most people think Cleveland is a joke, but they care about their teams.