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  1. Radio guys implied they were up for a while and just recently taken down. That could mean anything, but I just assumed they have been up since last offseason.
  2. I would assume the NFL would limit the use of an alternate helmet to 2-3. Maybe even add that teams can only wear them with a throwback, alternate or color rush uniform set.
  3. The Browns had mockups of the uniforms up in the equipment room for over a year and nobody could snag us a picture. Most within the organization have seen them though, and the radio guys have been raving about them. They tend to love traditional uniforms and mentioned yesterday that fans will be very happy. Apparently there are home, road and a third uniform option that is "very new" and the strongest of the set. Also there is a "secret" uniform, so whatever that means. On the flip side, Benjamin Allbright out of Denver has spoken to people who have seen all the new uniforms for this upcoming season and thought the Browns "kinda mailed it in."
  4. I like it. The soon to be replaced logo looks cheap and outdated. Most of these car badges have been upgrades, hopefully Kia/Hyandai are next to make the switch.
  5. Navy would be awesome. The red facemask has always stuck out to me. It's too bright and distracting.
  6. I really think people need to chill on the logo. Is it great? No, but it's better than what it's replacing and probably not even the worst in the NFL. The Browns and Jets are much worse.
  7. Love how almost the whole video was about the uniforms and helmet, then they just show the logo.
  8. Florida officially wins the award for most boring NFL uniforms. Pretty sad when the most unique jerseys in the state are the Jaguars. At least they have striping/slashes.
  9. Something that has a traditional or classic feel. CB monogram, block C or even the elf would be perfectly fine. Even take an old Browns cursive script and make that the logo. At this point almost anything would be better than just a clipart outdated helmet. No offense to anyone, but the B logo isn't anything special. It's cluttered and seems forced to try and make it work with a C. Any of these monograms from Dribbble would work just fine:
  10. Exactly. Why do we need another cringe-worthy fashion show? Videos showing old highlight footage. Video of Nike designer looking at mockups and inspiration, talking about all the hard work that went into the design. Seamstress putting on nameplates and numbers. Fog machines. Players walking out cheering, like they accomplished something nodding their heads in approval. It's been done a million times.
  11. Browns are going to delay the release even longer now because of Corona. I can feel it.
  12. So the Bucs and Browns basically just said they F'd up and are reverting back to old designs. Boring if you ask me. Lots of opportunities to improve on the old designs, but seems like the Bucs just made it worse.
  13. I feel like the XFL knew the Vipers were a risky bet and went overly generic on purpose. Maybe they just expected the AAF to fold and move the team to Orlando after a season or two. Almost every other team has a nickname or logo associated with the city.
  14. The draft hats are all going with a neon-themed logo on black.