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  1. I'm probably going to get bashed, but I love the Diamondbacks gray/teal/red uniforms. Something about the charcoal gray and bright teal really looks cool and unique.
  2. Didn't think it was possible to make the Browns jerseys any worse, but yup they did it with gray. Missed opportunity to have an inverted orange version of the current color rush.
  3. It's usually better for smaller schools to just stick with UA. Typically they end up with more unique designs as opposed to a generic Nike template. Nike doesn't seem to care unless you're Syracuse, Duke, UNC, etc.
  4. Why don't they just design the main uniforms around these? Does anyone actually like the current association and icon jerseys?
  5. Love retro logos. So many brands could benefit from making the same switch.
  6. I like it a lot. It's basically the Browns uniforms if all the mistakes are fixed.
  7. The Rockets improved slightly I guess. I will never understand why teams put a stroke around the wordmark, but not the numbers. They should be consistent because they are right next to each other. My biggest pet peeve on basketball jerseys. The main 3 jerseys look a bit bland and remind me of the old Adidas replicas. Just put a thick stripe down the side and call it a day.
  8. Not only will fans hate it, but how terrible would this be for the players and employees of the organization? Imagine having to move your family 1500 miles away to a different country in the middle of the baseball season.
  9. If ESPN wanted to ignore the AAF all together that is one thing. But to go from completely ignoring them and then doing a victory lap when they failed? It's just a frontrunner mentality that network has. Hypothetically, it would be like ESPN ignoring the 2016 Falcons that entire season. No highlights, no mentions of them whatsoever. Then spending the whole month after the Super Bowl mocking them for giving up a big lead and losing to New England. They love it when the underdogs fail.
  10. Replacing all the black with wine would have made a great looking logo.
  11. Cavs 50th Anniversary logo. Not terrible, at least compared to their current logo set. The "C" probably could have been handled differently or removed all together. Just seems slapped on right now with an awkward thick stroke. Has any team worn an anniversary patch in the NBA since the ads have been added? I don't recall it happening, so I'd hope the Cavs avoid doing it.
  12. Exactly. Warriors added Durant, Cavs added Love/LBJ, Raptors added Leonard, etc. They're going to end up paying 2-3 guys max contracts and build around them with scraps.
  13. Every year the station gets worse. SEC, Yankees, Patriots, Cowboys, Lakers, Warriors, Red Sox. If your aren't a fan of these, don't bother watching. The Raptors just accomplished a historic championship and all they care about right now is the Lakers.
  14. This. Drake wants to pretend like he is an athlete so badly. But even at his worst, he is a million times less annoying than Curry, Draymond, Klay, KD and Cousins. Both the Bucks and Raptors were very likable teams in the East. I'm sure people are a lot happier to see them battle it out, instead of Lebron in the finals every year.
  15. With a few tweaks. White facemask, orange cursive wordmark above numbers, orange pants and striped socks.
  16. ESPN didn't seem to give the AAF any attention until things went south. I definitely don't think I ever saw any highlights on Sportscenter. Now they seem to really be pouring it on that the league failed. Maybe it's on purpose because they have XFL rights? This really was the Fyre Festival of football leagues and I guess Bill Polian was Andy King just trying to get some water bottles.
  17. Basically just an inverted version of his plane? I like the current design better. This looks like something a commercial airline would have used in the 90s. The light blue is iconic and can be easily recognized.
  18. Could the Browns be wearing orange socks with the color rush set this year? I personally prefer brown socks, but could avoid the yoga pants look that everyone around here hates...
  19. Under Armour backed out because of "new marketing strategy" aka losing money and couldn't afford it.
  20. Anything other than Copperplate Gothic is an improvement.
  21. I feel like Boston has seen like 10 championships in the past decade. I can't really feel bad for them having one call go against them in one game of the Stanley Cup Finals.
  22. Interesting. I always remember seeing the Baltimore CFL logo and just assumed they were always the Stallions. You'd think if they already had a horse logo it shouldn't have been hard to just think of a nickname to go with it. Instead of going a whole season nameless.
  23. The R logo is the primary, why did they need to include it in the secondary logo? They could have created a nice secondary if they just slapped a rocket in the middle instead. Hopefully this doesn't follow the trend of some teams and eventually becomes the new primary.
  24. Seriously who is in charge of designing some of these NBA logos lately? The "R" isn't centered, the name arch doesn't match the ribbon. Is the ribbon going around the basketball? Because the gray makes it look like it's floating behind. It's like they take 5 minutes in illustrator and don't even bother to clean up any of the lines or make sure stuff lines up properly. It seems like when a team gets a full-on rebrand we get nice clean logos with great execution (Wolves, Blazers, Kings, etc). But when a team tries to tweak it's current branding or add a new logo it's just a disaster (Cavs, Wizards, Rockets).
  25. I mean the NFL has games around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's right? I'd say those holidays require more traveling than Labor Day. Selfishly I'm just thinking of something to get football to start earlier. After the NHL and NBA finish, the summer has nothing but baseball until Sept. XFL would have been smart to start in May or June, but that's a whole other discussion.