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  1. Black, purple and red together look great. But, when they all hold the same weight it looks terrible. Red should only be used as trim or small accents. This is just a case of trying too hard.
  2. I'd be interested to see how the public would view a contest if he said "fans write me a song and I'll sing it and I can make a ton of money off it." Nothing is more frustrating than how undervalued our profession is. Seems like anyone nowadays can drop some filter on a photo, call it an "edit" and claim to be a designer.
  3. Maybe because the shoulder stripes are solid red and the pants are red and white? Doesn't bother me.
  4. A bad call here and there is fine, but in no way should officiating be able to decide games like this. A handful every week and only getting worse.
  5. People here don't have to answer to clients.
  6. NCAA should ban scholarships for California schools (and any other state) that allows athletes to get paid. Make them pay tuition just like everyone else. Millions of Americans are being suffocated by student loan debt. Unable to buy decent homes, reliable vehicles or start families because we're stuck paying for a degree we got 10+ years ago. Most of us had jobs during college and juggled that along with schoolwork. We didn't get special treatment in classes. We didn't get to skip whenever we wanted or miss time for games. I just don't get how anyone can complain about going to school for free. But here we are....
  7. Seemed to work better when the stripes went vertically last season. More stripes and more orange.
  8. White over orange is their best away combo. Should be worn for at least half of the away games. Guess we've seen the last of the "wordmark" brown pants and orange jerseys.
  9. Yes, but there's no decade old rap song with those lyrics. I get so annoyed by uniform posts on social media. Basically they have or and then some dumb outdated lyrics like "Woooah Back in Black. Dis straight " They try so hard to be cool.
  10. I'm convinced the Browns will somehow still find a way to lose.
  11. Sorry I should have been more specific. I meant that, for the most part, teams that wore solid socks this week (Bengals, Saints, Jags, etc.) had a unified look. The examples you posted showed my main issue with old the socks. There is no consistency.
  12. Agree completely. I have always hated the half-white/half-color socks NFL teams have worn for so long for this exact reason. If a team is wearing all black, the small part of white makes no sense. Not only that, there is no consistency on how high the white socks needed to be. At least now, for the most part, everyone on the team has the same socks. Hopefully this evolves into more teams adding stripes to their socks. Something that is really disappearing in the NFL.
  13. I'm still holding out hope for an orange version next season, if they base the redesign around these. All orange with brown numbers and stripes would be solid.
  14. Part of me feels like the color rush uses the old orange and the socks and helmets are the new "oranger" orange. Would make sense since they were designed before the rebrand.
  15. They probably will mix in the orange socks..
  16. Long term mismatching uniforms is never a good idea. But for one season? I think this is the best thing they can do right now. The original uniforms might only need a few tweaks, but the new uniforms in 2020 complicates things. Doubt the NFL would let them make tweaks in 2019 and then again in 2020.
  17. Interesting. Not sure why they wouldn't just wear orange those two games.
  18. Looks like the Browns App leaked the news early. Wonder if this means we have seen the last of the horrible other brown jerseys....
  19. They definitely said this. Also said they would do something to make the numbers more legible and have some sort of throwback to wear as an alternate. I'm guessing the NFL/Nike didn't want this to happen.
  20. Black is probably the safest option. Pewter, if possible, might look okay. I get hung up on the Patriots. Red is probably too bright and gray would look bad. Guess navy for them?
  21. I'd say probably a case by case basis. I think the Browns and Packers would be better off matching the facemask. Bright orange or yellow straps would way too distracting. But the Redskins, Vikings, Titans, and Chiefs might be better off matching the shell.
  22. I don't know. When Michigan went from white to navy chinstraps I think it elevated an already iconic helmet. I think as long as it matches the helmet she'll or facemask it would be fine.
  23. I agree completely. Dark chinstraps really help pull together a helmet, instead of standing out like white does. Hopefully just a matter of time...
  24. Looking more and more likely that Cleveland is going Color Rush week 1.