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  1. These reactions made it all the way up to ownership. JW's response in an interview was to laugh it off and say "we were here first." Honestly I wish they didn't even acknowledge it, because it is so absurd. You'd either have to be blind or a complete idiot to think the Browns copied off the Bengals.
  2. I only started going to games as a kid in the 90s and like you say there has always been protesters. I'll never forget walking into the Jake in the early 2000s and hearing protesters yell at families. One yelled "Good job raising your kids to be f***ing racists you f***ing P.O.S. parents." If a name change stops that from happening, I'm all for it. I don't want my son to be faced with verbal insults every time we walk into a baseball game, or feel threatened because we are wearing a Cleveland baseball shirt. Obviously this is nothing compared to what Native Americans go through. But at the end of the day, a name just isn't worth it... Wasn't there like a Harry Potter character or something with that name? I've already had a handful of friends mock the name "guardians" because they didn't know the historical context. I can't even imagine the reaction if they went with Dobys.
  3. My favorite part is, as Cleveland fans, we worship a football team that literally has a helmet for a logo and named after a color. People will get over the Guardians name and the logos will be fine. I think they are mediocre at best, but as a Cleveland fan I really have no choice. I'll be buying gear the second it hits the shelves. I saw so many politically motivated people on social media bashing the PC reasons behind changing the name. They always like to brag about how they haven't watched pro sports for years, because of the kneeling, BLM, etc. Yet they are now boycotting the Cleveland Guardians. Not sure how you can boycott something you have already been boycotting? But this is where we are.
  4. Seems like everything they've done from 2020 on has been perfect. Field design and graphics for this season are improvements too. Just hope they figure out how to have a real logo one day...
  5. I've have some time to think about this and this is how I feel. It's not a perfect identity by any means. But I think it will grow on me. The guardian+ball+g logo is bad. After someone pointed out the Major League logo and I can definitely see the similarities. It looks like something that could have been around for decades. But honestly in a league with baseball headed mascot logos like Me Met, cartoon birds and bat swinging friars is it really that weird? The name is great, but I'm also a Cleveland fan and understand the reference. The league literally has two teams named after socks and one named after a color. Guess my point is, MLB isn't really the gold standard when it comes to logos and nicknames. If they had been called Guardians and had these same logos for 50 years nobody would think anything of it. The script feels like the Indians script, but with an art deco vibe and even a bit of rock and roll feel mixed in. The C logo is a nice enough evolution and will work nicely on caps and as the new (hopefully) primary. Overall I'm happy and this could have been much worse. Definitely don't think it deserves all the negativity. But in this current age of social media, people just seem to :censored: and complain about everything.
  6. New Akron white jerseys: Wasn't expecting much, but still am underwhelmed. Basically just plain jerseys with the awkward forward facing kangaroo on the collar, which is always missing half of it's face. Joe Bosack really did a great identity for them and they've now completely gone away from it.
  7. I remember they claimed that custom fonts make it more difficult for counterfeiters. Obviously it hasn't stopped them because every stadium is still filled with fake jerseys regardless of the number fonts.
  8. I guess this is why I brought it up. In an era where everything wants to be tight, breathable, light, streamlined, etc. It doesn't make much sense just throw giant shirt on underneath everything. Especially when the purpose of these photoshoots is to show off a new uniform. Usually you want the presentation to make the product look as good as possible. But everyone is entitled to their own options. Personally I like monochromatic looks, don't mind black alternates and embrace unique and modern looks. Things that tend to be hated by the majority here.
  9. Can the "baggy t-shirt under tight jersey" trend go away. It's such a dumb look and I can't believe players are actually doing this for photo shoots. Every photo the Rams posted has this. Makes no sense...
  10. Get rid of the "bone" and all gradients. Surprised they got Dickerson. He seemed pretty vocal about hating the new logos and uniforms. Maybe they already realized their mistakes and are attempting to correct them. I'm assuming this will eventually be elevated to a primary uniform.
  11. After all this time the Chip Kelly Oregon connection is still be mentioned? I don't understand why everyone thought (and still believes) that just because Kelly was hired by the Eagles that he wanted them to look like Oregon. Did the 49ers have crazy uniforms when he coached there? Better yet, has UCLA done anything crazy? Chip Kelly just happened to coach at Nike's flagship school. NFL coaches have virtually no impact on uniform designs. Maybe they decide which colors will be worn, but ownership, the NFL and Nike is behind every redesign. It also takes 2 years for a full rebrand like this. If this was proposed in 2012 it would have been in the works since 2010. Unless the Eagles knew back then he would be their next coach and secretly had him working on uniforms.
  12. Translation: You've already seen the jersey. Download this app and you'll see it on a person! The Browns have a way of building up hype, just for the normal fans to say "that's it?!"
  13. Definitely a step in the right direction for the Rams. The bone uniform seems even more out of place now that the white and blue jerseys look to be the same design. It's almost like the bone uniforms were designed as an alternate and at the last minute they thought it was a good idea to make them their primary light jerseys.
  14. The pants and number font ruins the look for me. Anything would have been an upgrade, but they definitely could have done much better.
  15. I'm still seeing an orange swoosh on white jersey. At least that's what it looks like on the left side of the photo. Someone posted this in the replies: Looks like a more standard block font too. That 5 is definitely different. Although the 7 looks very similar to the new font, just without the slightly rounded corners. Feel like they used orange lighting to throw people off...
  16. Making everyone wait another 19 days to see a uniform that already leaked? Seems like a waste of time. Anyway I wonder if they intentionally tweaked this image to throw people off. The numbers look really bright, especially since they are going to be brown with an orange drop shadow.
  17. I'd assume the MLB doesn't care. Weren't the players weekend uniforms black numbers on black jerseys and white numbers on white jerseys? Also on Jackie Robinson day everyone wears 42. Numbers seem like just a formality nowadays...
  18. Seems like every team that has petitioned the NFL for uniform exception has gotten their wish. While I've been happy about most of them. Cleveland and LA were "bandaids" to fix awful uniform mistakes. I wonder what the NFL uses as it's criteria for exceptions? Must be based on when the requested team is changing uniforms and if it's a throwback during a milestone year. I'd hope that if a random team like the Cardinals or Bucs tried to wear their Color Rush for half the season, the NFL would shut them down pretty quick. Back to 2021 uniform combos. I saw this screenshot floating around: Can't say I'm a fan of this combo. Those brown pants look great with white jerseys, but seem disconnected with the brown jersey. The lack of white just makes them seem out of place. Wonder if it means they are ditching the plain brown Color Rush after one season. Hopefully that also means the throwbacks will be worn 3x and be the alternate moving forward with white helmets in 2022.
  19. Did the Bengals really photograph all the rookies in the wrong combo? https://www.instagram.com/p/CQyPYQ4FKqt/?utm_medium=copy_link Why they didn't just have the whole stripe black and orange is beyond me. Such a dumb mistake.
  20. Interesting.....they chose to use ACDC's Back in Black to announce black jerseys. Not sure I've ever seen that done before.
  21. Yeah we obviously notice more than ordinary fans. But it's like people don't even understand the rule. Why post a picture of the 2020 Dolphins or Bills wearing throwbacks and say you're pumped to see this? It's the same damn uniforms and helmets those teams have worn for literally the past like 15 years. It's just common sense. It's the same idiots who, after the Browns unveiled new uniforms said "lolz what changed literally same uniforms poverty franchise "
  22. Blows my mind the number of "normal" fans that just have no idea what this rule means. Any post on social media about it is just filled with ridiculous comments. People are just like "can't wait! This is going to be " and post a picture of the Dolphins throwback or Browns orange helmet with a white facemask.
  23. Definitely the 1960? Raiders. Looks like they wore black helmets for their first few seasons. They just don't look right in black and gold.
  24. The official memo says it "must only be worn" with a throwback or alternate. So we'll only see these alternates a max of 3 times and not with "normal" uniforms. If paired with a throwback it must be historically accurate. If it's an alternate, it must include a logo/colors used by the team or used in the alternate uniform. So no random colors added or new logos. Like the Vikings or Chiefs randomly adding a black helmet.
  25. I'm sure most of the league will have alternate helmets in 2022. With some exceptions: Bills - Red Dolphins - Teal or None Patriots - White Jets - White or Black Ravens - Purple Bengals - White Browns - White Steelers - Yellow Texans - White or Red Colts - Blue Jaguars - Teal Titans - White or Light Blue Broncos - Royal Chiefs - None Raiders - None Chargers - Navy or Royal Cowboys - White Giants - None Eagles - Kelly Green WFT - None Bears - None Lions - None Packers - None Vikings - None Falcons - Red Panthers - Black Saints - Black or White Bucs - White Cardinals - Red, Black or None Rams - Black or darker blue if throwback (This could be terrible) 49ers - Silver or None Seahawks - Silver Teams in bold probably wouldn't have alternates. Depends on what alternates/throwbacks we see down the road, and what direction Washington goes with their branding.
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