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Are government paid stadiums right?


Do you think the government should pay for private firms stadiums?  

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I don't have a problem with the government putting up some of the money, but there should be a number of stipulations:

- the government gets a portion of the revenue in return, which should be used to pay for the extra police coverage, traffic control, infrastructure upgrades, etc. that come with a stadium

- it has to be part of a larger economic development area. a stadium or arena in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by parking lots and cornfields, is a waste. there should have to be several nearby hotels, restaurants, etc within walking distance, that will benefit from the added traffic it brings.

- there has to be a certain number of events there annually- no sense building something that gets used part of the year and sits empty the rest. In the off-season, there should be a minimum number of concerts, trade shows, minor

league sports and other events to generate revenue.

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