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Hi community.

I'm working on a PSD template for the NHL to better serve a personal project and all of you guys. I want the ability to produce high quality concepts...

So I came up with a list of features and I want to know if I'm missing anything:

Outlined Shoulder Yoke - Round Edgers

No Outline Shoulder Yoke - Round Edges

Yoke - Straight edges (new stars, new wild road, new carolina away)

Two Stripes with spacing in middle (Carolina home, Canadiens away)

4 Stripes + Bottom Hem color (chicago blackhawks - two white, two black, then bottom hem is white)

5 Stripes ( like edmonton Oilers)

4 stripes (Like Sharks with 1 orange stripe)

3 Stripes (devils home - )

Full length Shoulders (panthers, columbus, kings have it outlined)

Arch piping (st louis, nashville)_

Different Cuff colors (islanders)

Arm Pits + cuffs stripe (pittsburgh)

Invisbile yoke (detroit, mn wild home)

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Maybe some different edge collars? So far you're heading in the right direction.

When do you plan on releasing these?

Whenever I get finished with them.

I'm using these images for them:


Here is where I'm currently at:


I just want this to be crowd source. Like if you could have the BIGGEST AND BADEST HOCKEY TEMPLATE which would you have?

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Maybe do a yoke like Boson with the different color stripe at the bottom of it.

Looking forward to the template.

Thank you so much. I left that one out of my list!

Definitely looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Didn't realize you're using a realistic template, but that just makes this even more awesome. Can't wait!

Yes, I am going to use those two images. See... I love hockey and I got tired of seeing all those really nice Nike ProCombat templates and there not being a nice one for hockey so I'm making one!

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