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TV Sports Football, a very old revision

Darth Brooks

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Because of a hard drive crash I've been going through old CD's and found this.

I don't know how many of you remember TV Sports Football. It ran on the Amiga and other systems back in the late 80's / early 90's. The video below gives you somewhat of how it played.

I played it relentlessly. It part because I didn't have anything else but also because it was fun. I had ideas on how to remake it. I like the interface and gameplay but wanted more adaptability. So I visually worked out the idea. I had no chance to remake the game but I could express and refine what I wanted in the game.

First bit was refining the offense. The interface was pretty quick. You chose one of four formations and one of four plays out of that formation.

First, chose formation


Then chose play


I wanted to have the chance to chose among plays.


The plays would be made from the ground up. First the formation, spread blocking or not, and the chance to assign players in different places..



Then the play maker. WR patterns would be a matter of pattern, length and then direction. Blocking was between pass or run blocking or blocking an area. Then it would be named and be available under the formation name.


In action it would do this (but without the on field graphics):


In my mind you would have the chance to change plays at half time. Essentially it would be 13 or 14 separate plays (minus kicks) which is doable in a half of play, especially when you figure in the chance to send a man in motion. TVSF allowed you to change from a run to a pass by how you started the play. You had to push the button at a certain time to hand off to the RB (or toss it to him) and if you just pulled back it would be a pass.

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Defense got some attention too.


First off was the ability to place players. Then you could assign them different tasks (again, like the offense you'd have a formation and then four available plays off of that formation. You would also be able to move the LB's around presnap)


One of the ideas I had was a progression. You would go in with a set, either 3-4 or 4-3. First you would pick line stunts, then LB focus and then coverage. To balance it I thought of giving the offense formation, play and then WR route package. So 14 x 4 choices during a half of play.


I had also worked out roster but it was kept pretty simple.


Just thought I'd share.

As a reward for reading all of that here are some logos I did about the same time





And a buncha helmets very old school style.


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Guest darkpiranha

Ah, TV Sports Football.... I enjoyed it, but it caused me a lot of frustration when I just wanted to use it as a league simulator. Wayne Gretzky Hockey and Hockey League Simulator were my sim drugs of choice on the Amiga.

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