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  1. Which part? The uniforms and helmets are two different templates.
  2. Edit: I wonder why that went away.
  3. A while back I did some concepts for defunct NFL teams. I didn't do a team called the Buffalo All-Americans because they didn't have an authentic logo anywhere online, at least what i could find. The two images featured on the Sports encyclopedia are wrong. (http://sportsecyclopedia.com/nfl/buf20/allamericanbisons.html) The one on the left is from a different Buffalo team and the one on the right was draw by Bob Carroll, the late Executive Director of the Professional Football Researchers Association, who felt the team should have a proper emblem to represent it. A couple of weeks ago I saw this: Which was posted on a Facebook page devoted to the team. The page manager verified that Buffalo had used the image on their letterhead, which made it the most authentic logo out there. I wondered where the image came form and spent some nights searching through old illustrations before finding this, Which was drawn by an English minister named Samuel Morrison for this book, https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=uc2.ark:/13960/t8gf0nk9n&view=1up&seq=42 i did some redrawing of the logo, increasing the size of the head to correct the proportions and to add character. Which got me here: I had previously made an "AA" logo and posted bout it here: I did a couple of concepts and would like to know what you think. The team's official colors were black and orange, which is where the color scheme comes from. I came up with two different versions. Please tell me what you think of them. First goes off the name All-Americans, second goes off Buffalo. Edited to add: I will add the uniform(s) later.
  4. I did a modern version of the Steamroller uni a few years ago. I never found out why they use the dogman logo. I thought maybe it was an old military logo from WWI but never saw anything like it.
  5. Those are much, much better. The all orange unis look like pajamas. I agree with getting rid of the wordmark. Also, restore the white stripe in the center of the helmet. It's just not right otherwise. Do that and it's good.
  6. As a Vikings fan, I like the striping on the white sections of the jersey. They should be on the real jerseys. I don't care for the stripes on the sock, just feels odd.
  7. Updates on the Akron Pros and Kardex. Lol for the folks looking for more Disney helmets. (I may get back to them.)
  8. I did a series on updating the defunct NFL teams, I'd love to see other takes on it. You want to make that your challenge?
  9. This fits here, https://imgur.com/a/RsJh9 A bunch of football helmets with band logos on them.
  10. Nothing is stopping you from coming up with the concepts... See what you come up with.
  11. The Princess frog should be next. The only ones I don't have at least a passable idea for are Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.
  12. I was wondering how long I could do this before someone would notice, lol.
  13. I'm giving Kardex a third shot and asking folks which one is best / what do you think? This is the first one. I did it as a "modern update" of a "old timey" logo I drew up. Since the Tonawanda Kardex never had a logo to begin with one had to be made to build off of. I put this one together after looking at the logos that the American Kardex had during their history, from American Kardex to Remington Rand to Sperry Rand and then to Unisys and eventually, back to Kardex. The comments tended to focus on the full name of the team being the "logo" The Bengals had their full name on their helmet way back on what was one of the ugliest helmets ever. My thought was that a corporate team wouldn't miss the opportunity to keep brand identity on pro sports team they owned. This is my third try. It's based on the app logo for Kardex AG (https://appadvice.com/app/kardex-portal/1391616930) There's some modification but I would assume there would be. What do you think?
  14. It's better than it was but it looks like it's lit up by a flash.
  15. Was there any specific reason you dropped the "E" from the logo?
  16. Duluth was one of those I did before. I've thought about reworking some of the ones I did before in the new template.Or maybe I should do teh new ones in the old template.
  17. Redid Akron to fix a few things that bugged me (one of which was color) And then finally got around to Milwaukee. The helmet worked better without the logo on it. The pattern comes from the hand drawn attempt at recreating the logo.
  18. Two more. The Dodgers is a remake of one I did with the first group. I was never happy with the helmet. https://i.imgur.com/UIaL8c5.jpg I made a change to the original logo, giving it an upward tilt and making the heavy text ring into a light golden ring. I had done a different home jersey this time around but realized that I like the previous one better. The difference in style helps give the unis some variety (they were beginning to look the same.) I debated more of an illustrated style for the helmet and ring and might experiment with it. I had done a Panhandles Helmet but couldn't come up with a jersey design I liked. The Helmet from before is here: https://i.imgur.com/NleGGHS.png The design needed to stay away from a Redskins feel, which is a bit hard when using essentially the same colors.