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  1. Now this I can get behind. Good point on stadium infrastructure.
  2. The Lions color rush would look so much better if the grey was actually their lighter, official shade. The "inverted legends" jersey proves this to me. Same with my earlier note about the Eagles.
  3. I agree, Orange and Blue are on the city flag. Nod to the Dutch roots, I think.
  4. As far as teams that would look good with more grey, the Eagles, and Winnipeg come to mind, and Nevada football might look awesome in grey helmets.
  5. One of the biggest uniform trends (especially in college football) is a grey, silver, or anthracite *shudders* uniform, but almost every one is butchered for one reason or another, whether because grey isn't a school/team color, the grey is too dark, etc. This means that some uni-fanatics are advocating avoiding grey altogether. However, I think that grey can still be an effective color, not only in team identities, but as the base color for a uniform. Was wondering if any of you had any good examples of grey uniforms or uniform elements that teams actually pull off (excluding the required road uniforms in baseball), or any teams with grey in their identities that should had a grey alternate. Some off the top of my head: Tennessee, Northwestern, Purdue, Air Force (both old and new APLS anthracites) Army has had good grey unis in the past and the paratrooper anthracites from a few A/N games were good, TCU (frogskin is ok by me on an alternate look). WashU's non-anthracite stuff is awesome, though I may be biased since it's close to what my high school wears, and Vanderbilt has had some good biege/dull gold looks, which are sorta in the same family as grey. LA Kings and Spurs are the best examples of pro teams.
  6. I honestly think that #0 should be reserved for promotional purposes, like when a generic jersey needs to be shown, or a mascot (I know a lot of NBA mascots wear the number of the team's founding year) but that's just me. I hear ya loud and clear about #00 though. Might as well have a #1 and a #01.
  7. Maple leafs, red wings, Wisco, and Dartmouth are good additions to the "white + red/green/blue" category.
  8. An awesome uni that isn't talked about enough. The black alts are even better.
  9. Meant that a recolor would bean yellow jersey with white numbers, so I included the note on black numbers. But yeah, didn't realize that it was a reference to an old uniform.
  10. I just looked at your signature, and it all makes sense now. As for Iowa, is that mess on the shoulder supposed to look like a wing? Cause it just looks messy. A basic recoloring of the classic black with black numbers would have been fine.
  11. Fair, I should have made my thinking clear. People who work in big corporate, banking industries (like those in Charlotte) tend to have some crossover with soccer fans or at least sponsors of soccer teams.
  12. And you could also argue that Charlotte, though smaller than PHX, is more of a soccer town already.
  13. Several things missing from college teams, but keeping it simple with pro, the Falcons "ATL" alternate logo as well as alternate uniforms are missing.
  14. I believe I've read that the only sports that profit are D1 football and basketball, for obvious reasons. Every other team is basically a cash drain.
  15. Maybe the worst part of this constant change is the fact that when Nike actually does churn out a hit (I loved the Bucks' cream city cream), it's gone the next year. I understand it's all about muh merch, but I'd imagine that Nike's missing out on a decently large base of customers who would otherwise buy the jerseys if they weren't instantly outdated