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Madden 25 Online Connected-Franchise (X 360)


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Sorry i accidentally added this in here, but if you would like to join, it is in The Lounge forum


(Hello everyone,

I'm starting an online connected franchise in Madden 25, and I am starting a sign-up sheet right now. I think it will be great to use people on here, because using this forum will be terrific for scheduling the draft, games, forwarding, etc.
Here are the settings:
Create your own Owner
Custom Sliders similar to Operation Sports Sliders
Instant starter - off
Salary cap - on
Skill level - All Madden
Play call style - Conventional
Quarter Length - ?
Accelerated Clock - yes, 20 second time
Game Speed - fast
Player progression - weekly
Coach Firing - on
Injuries - on
Pre-existing injury - off
Trade deadline - on
trade type - enable all
relocation settings - normal
fantasy draft - yes
CPU settings:
fill roster - off (manual)
resign players - off (manual)
Progress players - on (CPU)
Sign off-season Free Agents - off (manual)
The least amount of people i will take is 8. 8 teams would actually be ideal, putting one in each divsion, giving a playoff spot to everyone. But i would love if we got more than 8, and number above 8 is terrific.
We will be doing a fantasy draft, which will be scheduled later on. The most important thing about doing a fantasy draft is, that it really doesn't matter what team you pick then, especially because you are allowed to create an owner.
here is the signup sheet:
NFC West:
Rams - Stl_ArchMadness (Dirty Muffins59)
Cardinals -
Seahawks -
49ers -
NFC North:
Bears -
Lions -
Packers -
Vikings -
NFC South:
Falcons -
Panthers -
Saints -
Bucs -
NFC East:
Cowboys -
Giants -
Redskins - DScruggy729 (TrustMeImScrugs)
Eagles -
AFC South:
Texans -
Titans -
Colts -
Jaguars -
AFC West:
Broncos - See Red (xx see red)
Chiefs -
Raiders -
Chargers -
AFC North:
Ravens -
Bengals -
Browns -
Steelers -
AFC East:
Patriots -
Bills -
Jets -
Dolphins - )
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