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  1. Here is Busch Stadium for a Soccer Match
  2. Seattle Seahawks: I have been to 5 of their games and their fan base is amazing, plus they are only a few hours away Philadelphia Phillies: I really don't know why, except my favorite color is red and I watched them win the world series Portland Trailblazers: They are my home town team and I have been to a few of their games Anaheim Ducks: A lot of my relatives live in Orange County and ducks are one of my favorite animals Portland Timbers: They are my home town team (Would you believe I vouched for the Sounders until I discovered their rivalry) their fanbase is unbeleivable, but I haven't been to one of their games yet
  3. I just added this cap to my collection (This is not my picture and don't worry I took off the tags) all I have left is the Cubs, Rangers and Pirates and then it is on to the Minors.
  4. Dude sweet Akron Rubber Ducks hat, where did you get that? This is a awesome Astros cap, my favorite of the team's history, sweet collection man keep it up! As for me I have at least 30 MLB caps, with 5 duplicates, I have all MLB teams but Rangers, Pirates, Nationals, D-backs and Cubs. Do you count beanies I have at least 15 beanies. My cap collection will never stop growing because I want to collect all MLB, AAA, AA and below caps and a lot of MLB alts. (Got a lot of work to do )
  5. Is that ramp for skiing or just for fun?
  6. The California Redwoods UFL team used to play at AT&T Park, they did not pull the stands on to the field, I did not know they could do that!
  7. Could you modernize these old CFL, WFL and USFL logos please Thank you so much, I love all of your logos!
  8. Lol, But they have to do that by 2015;) Portland has plans to build a big baseball stadium next to the rose garden or rose quarter ( Oh ya I'm flying around the boards tonight) the Beavers left because the Timbers moved into their stadium and they planned to build one and they are stll trying. Heck no i'm not settling for the Hillsboro Hops I want a MLB team in the city of Roses baby! Wahoo I'm on fire!!!! Ok I'll calm down don't freak out on me.
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