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  1. I mean, that was basically my experience. "Hey, they did a nice job cleannnnOOOOOMG WHY DID THEY DO THAT?!?!"
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    Couldn't agree more. Great color palette. Unique but not distracting number font. Excellent sleeve logo. Great balance. Great striped without over-doing it. My favorite NFL uniforms of all time.
  3. Owl Repurposed: Oldham Athletic Badge Redesign

    Updates made above.
  4. Owl Repurposed: Oldham Athletic Badge Redesign

    The owl was part of the clubs first few crests up until 1970?ish. I thought it would be an interesting compliment.
  5. Leeds United New Crest

    I just think they've had enough interesting design elements in their crests over the years that they didn't need to rely on a logo of someone hitting their chest. It looks like a team catalogue logo.
  6. Owl Repurposed: Oldham Athletic Badge Redesign

  7. OK, so I took the advice of some and scratched the idea of an owl being used for Leeds. Oldham Athletic has a desperate need for a new badge.
  8. Leeds United New Crest

    It's just weird that they didn't incorporate the York rose somewhere in there.
  9. NHL 2017-18

    Damnit! While I like the Bruins single outline I'm super bummed about the switch to black socks.
  10. ORIGINAL (not copied) High School logos

    Here is the logo I designed for my high school. And here it is in use:
  11. new kits for 07/08 season

    I'm all over it. I love it.
  12. 2008 MLB All-Star Game logo....

    :censored:ing Yankees. It's beautiful.
  13. new kits for 07/08 season

    Ahh. Thanks for clearing that up.
  14. new kits for 07/08 season

    Better shots of FC Porto's new kits: That FIFA solid back rule sucks. Takes a bit away from a fine shirt.
  15. Colts Super Bowl Rings

    Very nice. Simple. Elegant.