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    2018 FIFA World Cup Kits

    Gonna get me one of those two stars. I don’t like the gold FIFA badge so I hope it’s gone.
  2. CreamSoda

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    France was hands down the best team all World Cup. Well deserved and scary to think of how good they can be for a while.
  3. CreamSoda

    2018 FIFA World Cup Kits

    Where can I buy a blue Mbappe jersey in XL or XXL?!?
  4. CreamSoda

    2018 FIFA World Cup Kits

    There is a TON of RED on the Croatia shirt. I honestly get the decision to make France all blue. Red shirt and red sox could clash.
  5. CreamSoda

    2018 FIFA World Cup Kits

    I cant find an XL France kit...
  6. CreamSoda

    2018 FIFA World Cup Kits

    I'm not real up to date with the FIFA rules on kits... Since France is the home team, do they get to wear their traditional kit, Blue, white, red, and Belgium has to find non clashing components, OR do both teams have to work together to create a non clashing combo?
  7. CreamSoda

    Czech It Out! Whole New Look for Czech National Team

    Not a fan of the logo or sweater. Reminds me of a roller hockey jersey.
  8. CreamSoda

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    Yeah as mentioned by MJWalker45, the Rwanda one.
  9. CreamSoda

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    I dont know why but the Sleeve Sponsors on the Arsenal kit really bother me. Maybe its just the ad creep but I DONT LIKE IT ONE BIT
  10. To answer your question, the draft rules were better than prior installments. But I do also think they did a great job taking advantage of the rules and of teams trying to use the expansion draft as a bail out for bad contracts, etc. To me, that is making it special. Everything about this team is gone right and they are making all the right choices. Plus they are playing a fun style of hockey, that I have quite enjoyed watching. I had no reason to like the VGK, but I do. After the Avs were eliminated, I found myself rooting for the VGK. I normally always root for the Canadian teams, and if it ends up Jets vs Knights, I probably will still root for the Jets. But that doesnt mean I can't enjoy watching the VGK play.
  11. I never stated they were given the same draft rules. I have agreed they were given an average team.... Of course they had better draft rules than MN, ANA, CLB... That has never been my argument. I am calling sour grapes to fans hating the Knights. Sour grapes means people hate something because they cant have it. People are mad at the VGK because they got better draft rules than they did. Fans have proven that to be true in spades in this thread.
  12. Do you hate the Knights success because your team didnt have the same draft rules?
  13. I said people who hate on the Knights are just displaying sour grapes. You asking this question proves it.
  14. No, but Toronto sure is, and the reason you are most likely so salty about this. I do? For liking watching Vegas play hockey? Yikes must be a tough job to root for the kings, ducks or jackets then. Tell me again how Vegas was giving the best team ever and how everybody saw this coming from a mile away. I never said Vegas was in the same boat at the Jackets or Wild, yet thats all you get from this? Unable to refute, dude its a conversation not a debate club. The other guy admitted he was jealous, lol... Yet you come here and attack me for some odd reason. My whole "argument" at the beginning was people hating Vegas was just sour grapes. You have not helped me turn that view around.
  15. What does Nashville getting new owners and Winnipeg getting the Thrashers have to do with the Knights? Riding high on Vegas? I enjoy watching good hockey and the Knights are playing really good/exciting hockey. That's a bad thing why? Should I continue to hate all things that aren't O6?
  16. The most impressive aspect of the VGK playoff run is how they have matched both a physical team in the Kings and a faster/skilled team in the Sharks. I think they would matchup better against the Preds rather than the Jets.
  17. Again, their coaching and GMs helped out a ton. The style they play is due to coaching, not a draft. So go ahead and trade Jones, and Bob for more depth. See how it works out.
  18. I agree the team should be average, but not a SC contender. They made a lot of smart moves along the way to get here. If a team full of "9th best players" were the key to winning SC, then GMs should trade away all their star players this offseason. That simply isn't the case though. And having a ton of career years surely helped. It will be most interesting to see how they do NEXT year.
  19. The gap between 1st, 2nd best player to 9th best player is WAY WAY WAY wider than the gap from 9th to 18th.
  20. Sorry but it's not. Taking the 9th best player from 30 teams is not Stanley Cup winning team. If that were the case, GMs would have made those trades years ago. If its basic math, why haven't all GMs traded their stars for 3rd liners and #4 Dman... Dude, listen to yourself. The arguments make no sense. Why dont the Jackets trade Seth Jones for 3 3rd liners...
  21. And the Wild wanted out of Haula. The Panthers for some reason hated Marchassualt and gifted them both 81 and Smith. And boy, this sounds like a team desperate to KEEP Karlsson: The Columbus Blue Jackets traded their first-round pick in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft, a second-round pick in the 2019 NHL Entry Draft and David Clarkson in exchange for Vegas selecting William Karlsson. As for their Stanley Cup winning goalie, Pittsburgh had to sweeten that deal too: The Pittsburgh Penguins traded their second-round pick in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft in exchange for Vegas selecting Marc-Andre Fleury. Other GMs took this expansion draft as way to dump salaries/players and the Knights took advantage. Thats good GM work.
  22. The Knights picked Pickard from the Avs, and then waived him... Were they gifted him too?
  23. There is no doubt the expansion rules were tilted more in favor of the Knights, but I am just sick of hearing they got gifted a SC winning squad. I guess I don't understand your 9th best player argument, at all. Having a team of AT-BEST third liners is hardly a formula for winning, let alone winning the division and possible Conference. Vadim Shipachyov was supposed to be their best player... The Knights made the best of their situation and should be given praise for their success. Great coaching and GM work enabled this team to get this far, not Bettman or $500M.
  24. That caliber? That pretty much everybody passed on... And how about giving some credit instead of just blame blame blame... The Knights are playing amazing hockey and playing a SYSTEM that fits their team perfectly. Maybe hiring an phenomenal coach has something to do with their success....
  25. They got players that other teams no longer wanted... Don't try and act like they stole top line stars from across the league. You wanted Vegas to have to develop players in the minors before their first season? lol, what.... And yes a large part of it was shrewd trades. Anybody paying attention knew they were a stacked team? Dude, the HOCKEY experts picked them last. Pretty sure they do pay attention to all things hockey. Nobody had the Avs finishing higher than dead last in the Central and yet they took the Predators to 6 games... Did the NHL gift that to the Avs too? You are coming across very bitter and it's a bad look. You are just jealous the Blue Jackets haven't won anything. You are suddenly devastated to lose this William Karlsson?