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  1. College Football 2014 Season

    I expect them to wear white vs. red to show off what has already been created.
  2. The problem I see with a blue Lions field with no black... what about the end zone? Silver would not look correct.
  3. Don't the richest teams usually win?????
  4. And the Coyotes owned the JetsAvalanche own Nordiques They can be bought. It's just a name and $$$$$ is the game. If they want the St. Pats enough, they will be back. The money would greatly help out the Leafs.
  5. Brawlers, Blacktops, Bolts......and Mammoths......pretty B heavy.
  6. Quebec Nordiques Seattle Metros Toronto St. Pats Nevada Gamblers
  7. College Football 2014 Season

    Now it's a beautiful helmet, no number!
  8. College Football 2014 Season

    Ah but what is on the other side?
  9. Moving the Rays

    I always thought the Rays should move to Orlando. They have played at the ESPN Wide World of Sports on Disney property and I think the would be a good home. Bring back the Orlando Rays!
  10. NFL Fan Flags

    Where do i find the new NFL Fan Flags that were announced during last nights pregame show?
  11. NIKE NFL Uniforms

    Any shots of Panthers new logo on the helmet?
  12. 2012 College Baseball

    I am ashamed to be an ex-mountaineer. Im glad i never had to wear that thing.
  13. Lev Poprad KHL

  14. Your first jersey

    Black Raiders Kenny King #33 jersey. Screen printed and too big, but boy I wore it. I was 5 or 6. Unfortunately it went the way of the garage sale.
  15. MLB ASG Caps and Jerseys Unveiled

    Are they for sale anywhere yet? Those are tight!