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  1. Arm bands

    His name is actually Roberto Clemente Walker.
  2. Arm bands

    I would say that the arm bands being worn in the all-star game are for roberto clemente. RCW
  3. Hockey Crest Question

    thanks uniguy, actual patch crest logos, and even captains patches as well. Ebay has a lot of mini crests but not much of the full size or anything minor league at all.
  4. Hockey Crest Question

    Does anyone have a good webpage where one can find crest logos for blank jerseys. I have purchased three blanks recently and would love to find some logos to put on them. Any help would be great. Thanks
  5. Bad Hat

    The Detroit one really hurts the eyes. Should have used the Tiger Head or something.
  6. Bad Hat

  7. Another Devil Rays Name Change Thread

    I saw on ESPN's PTI that there are talking about Tampa Bay........Tarpons Another fish from Florida...Why?
  8. Rockies Alt Question

    I am watchin the Rockies and Giants from SF. I thought the Rocks would wear Purple under their black sleeveless, but they are wearing black. It looks ugly and pointless to me.
  9. 2007 All-Star Game Logo

    Why 2 national league teams in a row? Shouldn't it be AL in 07?
  10. 2007 All-Star Game Logo

    Who is hostin the 2006 all star game? Shouldn't it be a National league team next year, why 2 in a row?