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    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Wasn’t a joke, by the time his career is over he’ll be remembered as a Leaf.
  2. charger77

    The 1972 Project: Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

    Chippewa Alumni approved!
  3. charger77

    Czech It Out! Whole New Look for Czech National Team

    What a downgrade from their tradition of unique awesomeness!
  4. charger77

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

  5. charger77

    NHL 2018-19

    Is this Sharks management?
  6. charger77

    NHL 2018-19

    Wish the Coyotes jersey had the bigger collar like the originals.
  7. charger77

    NHL 2018-19

    The Miami Dolphins are hosting the NHL All Star Game
  8. charger77

    NHL 2018-19

    Flip flopping the red and white stripes make an improvement to that black concept
  9. I've introduced my wife to hockey, we've been to 3 games since February '18. She seemed to enjoy it and is taking as much of an interest as expected (and enough to keep me happy). She already suggested to buy tickets for both Leaf games in Detroit for next year which is pretty cool for me and she already has a Leafs jersey with her new last name on it.
  10. charger77

    UFC Thread

    A UFC fight with WWE commentary lol
  11. charger77

    UFC Thread

    He went for Hells Gates lol
  12. charger77

    UFC Thread

    Well he survived a round
  13. charger77

    UFC Thread

    What did/does Punk come out to?
  14. Caps player pushed Perron into the crease and caused the collision with Holtby
  15. charger77

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    I hate you
  16. charger77

    Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    I purchased a home Adidas about a month ago from a sale at I am really starting to like the road. If they win on the road I'm going to buy a road with the Cup patch then put the inaugural patch on the home. I wonder how terrible they would be if the main color of the home was the metallic gold and the grey was just accent coloring.
  17. Didn't the owners have to approve the expansion draft rules? In a salary cap world don't all teams kinda benefit from this... Vegas gets a good expansion pool 30 other teams get to unload bad contracts or avoid nightmares down the road. Plus Vegas got picks to take or not take certain players, then they traded many of those pics around the league. Vegas helped Columbus unload Clarkson, Ottawa move Brassard & Detroit get 3 high picks for Tatar.
  18. Hell, looks like Columbus wanted Vegas to take Karlsson off of their hands. Columbus Oh --- In exchange for selecting forward William Karlsson in the 2017 NHL Expansion Draft, the Columbus Blue Jackets have traded their 2017 first round pick, 24th overall, a second round pick in the 2019 NHL Draft and forward David Clarkson to the Vegas Golden Knights, club General Manager Jarmo Kekalainen announced tonight. "We knew a player we didn't want to lose was going to be taken in this year's Expansion Draft, but our goal was to try to keep the core of our team intact," said Kekalainen. "While we didn't want to lose William Karlsson as he has been a good player for us, we believe this deal keeps our core group together and gives us additional financial flexibility to build on the success we had last season."
  19. And the Predators & Penguins were more than happy to unload Neal & Fleury
  20. Is there a way to half like a post?
  21. charger77

    NHL Fanatics Test Jersey

    Prototype... it was used in a lot of their early market materials. Would love it as an all star jersey.
  22. charger77

    Thrift Store Gems 2018

    Home cool base Colorado Rockies jerseys at my local TJ Maxx (Metro-Detroit) $24.99