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  1. NFL Draft Picks With Their New Uniforms

    Yeah, what's the story behind that?
  2. Got Two of my Jerseys Lettered

    Usually I'm joking around when I say I jizzed while looking at something that isn't a hot female. That isn't the case this time.
  3. Did the New Jersey Nets tease their Brooklyn logo?

    Right idea, wrong execution. The font blows and that "S" is so painful to look at. The seams on the basketball look weird too. I definitely like the simplistic route, though.
  4. Proposed names for the Washington Nationals?

    This is a good post. Just quoting it and bringing it to everyone's attention.
  5. New Purdue logo

    Lovely! Definitely an upgrade from the old one. Go Gophers!
  6. 2012 MLB & Logo Changes

    That navy Padres uniform looks very nice. I wish they'd ditch the sand trim on the home uniforms too. Either go all in on the white and navy or not. None of this sand trim on one damn uniform.
  7. Browning Logo Question?

    If you mean a doe as in a buck with no antlers because the antlers are all black then yes.
  8. MN is the Gopher State. Twins play in the Twin Cities. Dogs come in a variety of colors.
  9. New Marlins Uniforms?

    Definitely think a black script would look better. I really liked this set when it was first unveiled but now it's starting to look dumb too me. Too many things that need tweaks.
  10. Mis-matching home and road unis

    The Wild and Twins have always bugged me. Same with the Yankees and Red Sox. I like the home and away to match with a unique alt.
  11. Steelers unveiling new throw/fauxbacks

    It's alright. I'm just so numb and sickened by the excessive throwbacks and retro crap in sports. I know it sells but ugh.
  12. City and Team Names That Sound "Cool"

    NOT TO BE A HOMER but now that I think of it, Twins is a really clever and unique name. I didn't even know what it meant until I was like 8. It's like woah what. Twins.
  13. Didn't know where to put this. Thought it would get the most conversation here. A couple buddies and I were talking about cities and states with names that sounded cool. The criteria can be whatever you want. Personally I like the names Oakland and Tampa Bay for some reason. As for team nicknames I really like the Pacers. What do you guys think?
  14. The vikings' missed oppurtunity

    The Vikings need a simple uniform. Something similar to the Culpepper-Moss era. Those are my personal favorites. I liked the all-white look for that set.
  15. Orlando Solar Bears

    OH MY GOD! Solar Bears... It's like polar bears! Neat update.