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  1. Okay.... what? As a Canucks fan and season ticket holder who attended that game 7 i can most certainly say there is no way any canucks fan inside that building or watching it anywhere spared a thought about McSorely for even a second. The Canucks lost that game because they were tired, injured, and simply beaten down by a better team who deserved the cup. No one blames anyone for that loss except for the fact the team was done mentally and physically after game 5. There is no McSorely voodoo with the Canucks at all. The "many people" you claim believe that are probably tweekers on Hastings and Main. And If YOU genuinely believe that, i want what your smoking.
  2. No whiteout in pittsburgh this year wtf?
  3. One second thought, If I made a long intro, like 60+ seconds I would chose "American Life" by Primus. For a short one like 30-40 seconds I would chose the guitar solo from "Eyes Without a Face" by Billy Idol
  4. June 15th 2011. Canucks lose game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final at home, on my birthday, and a riot ensues. I cried from the 5 min mark of the 3rd period all night long until 2am. Didn't stop, just kept crying. Any Local craft beer > Colt .45 > Corona > 50 feet of crap > The Rest. Colt .45 is like "the room" of beer. It's so heinously bad it's good, and I enjoy drinking it when I don't have the money for good beer. Coldplay is in my top 3 of favorite bands atm, alongside Metallica, and Primus.
  5. Would it not be fair to just open up 1 or 2 sections for away fans? Segregate them like they do in European soccer, make a cap on how many tickets are available, sell the lot of tickets in that section(s) to the Blackhawks, then they can sell them to STH or whoever online as a "travel pack." Both teams make money on it and that way the Hawks fans can still go to the game.
  6. Apparently winning the Champions League isn't enough to keep your job at Madrid. What a joke.
  7. I can't stand cheering the thought of cheering for either.... still, the thought of seeing Kesler raise the cup makes me wretch personal trauma*. Anyone brave enough to make a prediction? I think the Hawks will take it at home, in six. *to quote Mr McMahon Weren't you a Canucks fan?
  8. One day, one day I will find a decent SANE girl.... One day... Goddammit Tinder....
  9. 5: Cowdenbeath FC (Scottish Football) 4: Calgary Cowboys (WHA) 3: Ottawa RedBlacks (CFL) 2: Connecticut Whale (AHL) 1: Scunthorpe United (English Football)
  10. That actually doesn't look that bad
  11. I don't think brakepads are on roller hockey skates. Stopping is almost the same...not as crisp on wheels, but it's the same form.I had brake pads on my rollerblades and so did most of my teammates, but the league We played in banned them (and forced us to remove them) cause they would damage the tile playing surface.
  12. That black kit is terrible
  13. Agree fully with that prediction with Celtic. I believe that their squad is not strong enough for Europe, especially if they get drawn against a 3rd place UCL club. The team is too soft mentally and the defense is crap. They have the strikers, and with Guidetti available for the Round of 32 that will help us tremendously. But they just need to bring in a name defender and DUMP Efe Ambrose. He single handedly cost us the tie against Juventus in the CL 2 years ago and has shown no positive qualities whatsoever in the games I've seen him play since. This team has what it takes to make it to the round of 16, but they need to bring in a good defender in Jan and make Celtic Park 100% available. The game today only had the lower bowl filled. I get that its just the Europa League but its still a major European competition, having the stadium at max capacity is what makes it such an intimidating place to play in, and that alone can give us an edge over big teams.
  14. #WintersInBuffalo