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  1. This. If MLB were to ever expand again (unlikely for the foreseeable future), it would almost definitely be the Montreal Expos and one more team. I would imagine top contenders for team two would probably be Portland, the Carolinas, Indiana, Tennessee, another Texas or NY team, or somewhere out of the continental US like Puerto Rico, before Las Vegas.
  2. I enjoy the logo almost solely from a nostalgia perspective, and the fact that it's multicolored and unique/retro looking. But the design really is not great, and if it were a new logo it would be widely hated. It's always looked like "elb" to me, which I've heard explained as "Expos le baseball", also I've conflictingly heard it's supposed to be "eMb" (which it clearly isn't) for "Expos de Montreal Baseball" or something. I don't know. I see how it's supposed to be an M, but it just so clearly looks like "elb" which really makes zero sense.
  3. I much prefer the two-color SD, I don't get all the hate for it (on the real jerseys and your concept). I would be thrilled to see the Padres adopt this look long term.
  4. The "Padres" script is hands down the best script they've ever had. Blue camo looks weird but it makes sense for them (if they insist on not being a full-time brown team that is ) I'm excited to see the home jerseys now, though as has been said numerous times, it'd be great if they used the same colors for home and away.
  5. As far as I can tell, the Mets originally switched to the light royal in 1998 to contrast more with the black.
  6. Would make for a nice fashion cap. Gonna look really odd seeing everyone in these for the actual game though.
  7. I've wanted the Tigers to add an orange bill to their home cap for years. (Best I could find...) However with the Astros, Giants, Mets, and Marlins all adding orange-billed caps in the last few years, it may be seen as trend hopping. But I thought of it before all that and it would really liven up their classic dull home look.
  8. This cap:
  9. Unpopular opinion: I LOVE the gold, and I hope they incorporate it on the road uni and alts for 2016. (The throwback is just that - a throwback, so I wouldn't expect it.) History, shmistory. I loved the Mets in black AT FIRST (granted I was 11). If the gold is really as unpopular as it seems here, it's only a matter of time before they ditch it. But as someone with no ties to Minnesota, I'm happy to see one of the numerous red/blue teams do something unique (even if the Nats did it first - which IMO is a weak critique because this looks NOTHING like that set.)
  10. I forgot about the White Sox, they'd probably be on my list as well. Tigers might have the best cap logo, but it's too small on the cap and I've always wished they had an orange brim.
  11. 1. Mets (though admittedly biased) 1a. A's home 2. Mariners teal-billed 3. Orioles home (yes with the white front panel. Wanna fight about it?) 4. Blue Jays
  12. That seems too minor to be tweet-worthy, but I doubt the change is anything more than either a patch or a tweak to one of the alts. Maybe they're eliminating one of their six (including the poopouflage) uniforms? I wouldn't be surprised to see the snow white alt get the axe. Called it.
  13. I thought the same thing after I posted it. This was just a quick photoshop job to get an idea what it might look like.
  14. Here's some mockup possibilities of what we might be looking at. I used both "athletic gold" (yellow) and "metallic gold" (tan). From a historical standpoint it makes no sense, but aesthetically neither is a bad addition. Though if it spawns a "GFGS" trend then we have a problem.